The crucial Brexit vote, tales from the Congo Basin, a steel town reflects

January 15, 2019

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A boy whose body is painted white wears a crown of wooden sticks that looks like a sunburst behind his head poses for a photo

"No West"


Pieter Henket/"Congo Tales"

Explosions and gunfire shock a hotel complex in Nairobi, Kenya. Plus, how confirmation hearings for the US attorney general could impact the ongoing investigation into connections between the Trump administration and President Vladimir Putin of Russia. And, the crucial vote in the UK Parliament on Brexit.

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The songs played between segments during this episode included:
Song: Juku
Artist: El Búho feat. Rumbo Tumba
Label: Wonderwheel Recordings
Artist: Konono No 1
Label: Crammed Discs
Song: Blur
Artist: Minco Eggersman & Theodoor Borger
Label: Butler Records
Artist: Le Trio Joubran
Label: Cooking Vinyl Limited

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