Chaos in Tijuana, asylum-seekers could be asked to stay in Mexico, no fast food ads on London transit

November 26, 2018

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A man uses his shirt to cover his face as he runs from tear gas

A migrant covers his face as he runs from tear gas thrown by the US border patrol, near the fence between Mexico and the United States in Tijuana, Mexico, on Nov. 25, 2018.


Hannah McKay/Reuters

Over the weekend there were chaotic scenes in Tijuana, Mexico, as a peaceful march by migrants to the US border crossing ended with some migrants attempting to rush the border and US border patrol responding with tear gas. We'll hear from one migrant mother who worries that the path to US asylum for her and her daughters will only get more difficult now. Also, the incoming president of Mexico discusses a plan that would require asylum-seekers to remain in Mexico while their US applications are pending.

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