California wildfires, Iranian American veteran, wildfire science

November 12, 2018
A firefighter is shown in silhouette with a hose over their shoulder and bright flames in the background.

A firefighter hoses down a property engulfed in flames during the Woolsey Fire in Malibu, California,Nov. 9, 2018.


Gene Blevins/Reuters

The giant wildfires blazing in California are dominating headlines around the world. We’ll hear from a journalist based in South Africa who learned her dad's home was burning in California when she saw a picture of it in an Associated Press report. Also, a discussion on the science of wildfires, the connection to climate change and how nobody really knows how severe fires will be in the future. Plus, in honor of Veteran's Day, a profile of an Iranian American vet who says an experience he had as an 8-year-old in Iran helped inspire his service in the US military.

California wildfires, Iranian American veteran, wildfire science

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November 12, 2018

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