Border walls, women enter an Indian temple, China's quest for the dark side of the moon

January 02, 2019

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A crowd of people, some wearing police hats or helmets, surround two women

Bindu Ammini, 42, and Kanaka Durga, 44, are escorted by police after they attempted to enter the Sabarimala temple in Pathanamthitta district in the southern state of Kerala, India, on Dec. 24, 2018. Two women succeeded in entering the temple on Jan. 2, 2019.



As US President Donald Trump demands a border wall and Democrats refuse to fund it, we go to Israel to talk about two different walls there. Plus, two women make history by entering an Indian temple that had banned women of menstruating age. And, China is due to land on the dark side of the moon any day now.

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