Asylum-seekers Thanksgiving, the history of Braille, Magos Herrera

November 22, 2018

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Russian-born journalist Masha Gessen opens her home to queer asylum seekers in New York every Thanksgiving. This year, the tradition has even more relevance for her, with President Donald Trump making it more difficult to get asylum in the US. Plus, a Native American chef who grew up on a reservation in South Dakota says he considered abandoning the holiday because it whitewashes what his ancestors endured. But in the end, he decided to reinvent it. And we share music from Mexican-born jazz singer Magos Herrera. Those stories, and the news, today on THE WORLD from PRI.

Music Heard on Air

The songs played between segments during this episode included:
Artist: Sameer Gupta
Label: Sameer Gupta
Song: Bird Song
Artist: Huntertones
Label: Huntertones
Artist: Ray Charles
Label: Rhino Atlantic
Song: Jigs
Artist: Amy McAllister
Label: Amy McAllister
Song: Dreamers
Artist: Magos Herrera & Brooklyn Rider
Label: RCA Records Label

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