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President Trump promised to hire “the best people” and “drain the swamp” in Washington.  But he’s setting White House records for firing his own staff, and it’s “business as usual” for many of those who remain. We’ll look beyond the trial of Paul Manafort.
Israel’s recent “national unity” law calls the country “unique” to the Jewish people. But 21 percent of Israelis are Arabs. Do Jewish values conflict with pluralistic democracy? Jews in both countries are sharply divided over a question that goes to the founding of the “Jewish State.”
From Bernie Sanders to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,“socialism” is having a hot summer. Is it the future of the Democratic Party or an easy Republican target? Prominent liberals and conservatives describe the history--and possible future--of a term loaded with many meanings in America’s political...
Rob Rogers of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is the latest editorial cartoonist to lose his job. Fired for harsh portrayals of President Trump. We’ll talk with him and look at another kind of cartooning: comic strips. Even when the kids don’t realize it, they’re political, too. They’re a highly...
By hacking centrifuges, the US may have slowed Iran’s nuclear-weapons program. But a good offense is not the best defense. Threats to US elections, the power grid and even medical records are real and present. But they’re not getting the attention they deserve. That’s according to the New York...

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Should we let more prisoners take college classes?


John J. Lennon arrived at Attica in 2004 with a 9th grade education. but in May will graduate with a two-year associate degree. In-prison creative writing workshops have changed his life, he says. “I came into prison looking up to gangsters, now I look up to scholars and intellectuals."


Even your medical records aren't safe. Chinese group hacks into hospital's patient records

When you go to the hospital, you give up a lot of very personal data, not the least of which is your name, address and Social Security number. Recently, a group of Chinese hackers associated with their government's cyber espionage program branched out from their usual work and targeted a huge hospital system's patient database — and got away with a huge haul of personal data.