Full story - August 24, 2015
GOP presidential hopefuls
The John Hay Initiative hasn't been around for long, but evidently they're already extremely well-regarded. The group of former Mitt Romney foreign policy advisers has been invited to provide briefs, provide research and even write speeches for almost all of the current crop of GOP presidential hopefuls.
Full story - August 20, 2015
Heroin injection
“We couldn’t just sit around and wait for the bodies to continue to turn up,” says Frederick Ryan, police chief in the Boston suburb of Arlington
Full story - August 12, 2015
Watts riot burning buildings
The Watts Riots rocked Los Angeles five decades ago. A writer who grew up nearby remembers it as a rebellion against the conditions for African Americans at the time.
Full story - July 31, 2015
South Sudan refugees
South Sudan celebrated its independence four years ago, but it's been mostly pain and suffering since. Thousands are being killed in the country's ongoing civil war, and famine is also taking a toll.
Full story - July 17, 2015
Sandra Bland
The FBI has been called in to investigate the hanging death of Sandra Bland, a young, black woman in a Texas jail. The official cause is “suicide,” but her family finds that incomprehensible. And many are questioning how the Texas police handled what should have been a routine traffic stop.
Full story - July 05, 2015
Stacy Wood and her wife Michele Barr
In Casey County, Kentucky, neither same-sex nor opposite sex couples are getting marriage licenses. The clerk there says his religious beliefs prevent him from issuing licenses to same-sex couples, but he doesn't want to discriminate. So he's calling for clerks to be removed from the process entirely.
Full story - May 25, 2015
Jason Rezaian is being held in an Iranian jail.
Jason Rezaian went to Iran to give the world a greater understanding of Iran’s “complex society and complex culture.” For his efforts, he was arrested and charged with espionage. His trial started Tuesday in Tehran, but was closed to the public.
Full story - May 13, 2015
Activists from Hefajat-e-Islam, a Bangladeshi fundamentalist Muslim group that calls for the executions of atheist bloggers in the country, shout slogans during a 2013 rally.
Three Bangladeshi bloggers have been killed thus far this year, and the message of their killers is simple: Don't you dare publish things that offend our version of religion. And outside of Bangladesh, that message is spreading fast among terrorist groups and other anti-free speech forces.
Full story - April 30, 2015
woman hijab
Sometimes, taking off your headscarf is more difficult than putting it on, says Mona Eltahawy, who says in a new book that the Middle East needs a sexual revolution.
Full story - April 26, 2015
Yevnige Salibian, 101, is one of the few remaining survivors of the Armenian genocide.
Even at 101, Yevnige Salibian remembers clearly the shouts and separation of Armenians in what was the first genocide of the 20th century. For her and much of L.A.'s Armenian community, the largest in the United States, a traumatic past is not even past.