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Uncertainty about the fate of Obamacare grows by the day, with key factors including bipartisanship in the Senate, opposition deeper than ever in Congress -- and a president who veers from one side to the other. We talk with Maryland's attorney general and others about what's at stake from the...
National Football League team owners are meeting today to craft a unified message about political protest. Men and women athletes in other sports are protesting too. We hear how one man's refusal to stand for the flag has demonstrated the inseparable relationship between sports and politics. 
Masha Gessen was born in Russia but emigrated with her parents to the United States. She returned in the early 1990s when political change was afoot. And since then, she’s become a leading observer - and critic - of Russian president Vladamir Putin. She fled Russia again in 2013. In this special...

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Politics in France are completely upended

François Fillon boasted a healthy lead in this year’s French presidential elections but then an article published in late January revealed that his wife had earned more than €900,000 ($963,225) over the course of 12 years — while Fillon was a senator and prime minister — for an assistant job that she appeared never to have actually done.