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To the Point is now a weekly podcast. Get a preview as Warren talks to Madeleine Brand about his new journey into podcasting. What issues will he cover and how will he help us decide what is and what is not worth worrying about?  
Today, on our final radio broadcast, we look at how new technology has changed everything since we first went on the air in the year 2000. It's Google, the iPhone and much, much more.
From broadcasting to cable news to Facebook, Twitter, websites and bloggers. We hear how technology has changed journalism since this program first went on the air in the year 2000.

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Politics in France are completely upended

François Fillon boasted a healthy lead in this year’s French presidential elections but then an article published in late January revealed that his wife had earned more than €900,000 ($963,225) over the course of 12 years — while Fillon was a senator and prime minister — for an assistant job that she appeared never to have actually done.