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We’re inviting you into the kitchen to sample some stories about food.
Have you ever stopped to think about what a balloon, a bar of soap, a subway seat, or a can of cola would have to say? On this podcast, they each have a voice and they're ready to spill their truths. From PRX and Radiotopia, Everything is Alive is an unscripted interview series in which each guest...
We're joined this week by Elaine Lui, founder and editor of and co-host of CTV's The Social. She shares her favourite podcasts and talks about how she made it in the entertainment industry.
The second half of our year-end extravaganza. We asked everyone on our team to pick their favourite podcast to come out in 2019, and had too many great shows to squeeze into one episode.
There were so many great releases this year that we couldn't fit all our favourites into one episode. So this is the first of our two-part series looking back at the best podcasts to come out in 2019, as chosen by the Podcast Playlist team.