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This week, Out in the Open asks: What's behind the kindness of strangers? Piya speaks with people who share their homes, time, bodies... and bodily functions... all for the greater good of others.
We all have it. Some of us hoard it. It can give you a sense of power, agency and self-worth. But ceding control — whether by choice or circumstance — can open doors to a whole new kind of empowerment. This week, Piya asks: When is it time to let go of control?
Have you ever been torn between two ideals, causes or people... and can't quite figure where your allegiance should lie? This week, Piya speaks with people who found themselves with split loyalty and either felt like they had to choose a side or embrace living on a border.
Normally, therapy sessions are totally confidential — but this podcast opens the doors. Hillary McBride and her clients want to help demystify mental health. In this episode of Other People's Problems, we hear from Steve who wants to have more sex with his wife. But is his focus on the bedroom...
This week, Out in the Open brings you some very real talk about faking it. Piya speaks with people peddling lies — and people buying them — to find out: What's the effect of deception?
You may think you're pretty similar to your neighbours. But you might be surprised by what you don't know about the people who live right next door. This week, Piya brings you stories of neighbours who have great differences, despite their close proximity to one another.
For some, it's their children or their prospect of having kids. For others, it's their land and community, their past and their future. This week, Piya speaks with people who stood up to defend what they value and asks: What would you do to protect what's important to you?
Matt Earle, founder of, works with individuals and businesses whose reputations have taken a hit online. Some of his clients are victims of untrue rumours posted to blogs. But others are high-profile people whose reputations have taken a hit through widespread media coverage. In...
How you are seen in the wider world can change on a dime, whether you're caught up in a major news story, called out in public or make a misstep online. This week, Piya speaks with people whose characters became warped for all kinds of reasons and asks: How can you rebuild your reputation?
You might do it out of love, fear or duty. It can be done with great purpose, or completely unintentionally. And it can happen for worse and for better in some truly surprising ways. This week, from the workplace to the bedroom, Piya asks: Why do we enable?