The 'secret society' of extremely successful first gens

September 01, 2016

The 'secret society' of extremely successful first gens

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September 01, 2016

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Pardis Sabeti, geneticist and lead singer of the band Thousand Days

Pardis Sabeti is a Harvard geneticist who helped end the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa. She's also lead singer in a band. 


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(Season 2, Episode 2) Many of the most successful immigrants and kids of immigrants in the country know each other and hang out. They belong to a community created by Paul and Daisy Soros, who have funded the graduate educations of 550 first gens — including Pardis Sabeti, a geneticist called a "genius" by Time. Sabeti also happens to be a rock star. Otherhood talks to her about the immigrant imperative to give back, even after a devastating accident that made her reassess life. 

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The 'secret society' of extremely successful first gens

A Jewish ski and tennis pro who survived Nazi and Russian occupations came to America penniless, built a fortune and used it to pay for the graduate school educations of hundreds of immigrants and kids of immigrants. In this episode of Otherhood we talk to one of them — Pardis Sabeti, a badass geneticist and super-cool rockstar who's also humble, genuine and driven to help others, even after going through a devastating accident that kept her in bed, staring at a wall, for months.