Full episode - November 20, 2014
Lalita Tademy
Bestselling author Lalita Tademy talks about her new book, "Citizen's Creek," about enslaved Africans who were mixed with and/or owned by Native Americans, and ended up protecting their families and tribes.
Full episode - November 06, 2014
Scott Carter
Scott Carter, HBO producer for Bill Maher, on why he spent twenty-seven years writing a play -- now up -- about our views of God.
Full story - October 24, 2014
Gloria and Farai
Gloria Steinem has spent decades fighting for women's rights and equality. And even now, at age 80, she continues that fight. Steinem reflects on how chosen family has influenced her life and career.
Full episode - October 23, 2014
Gloria Steinem
Author and activist Gloria Steinem has spent the past four decades championing feminism and equal rights for all.
Full episode - August 21, 2014
Joi Ito, director of the MIT Media Lab, explains how a sense of play and experimentation inform their cutting-edge work.
Full episode - August 14, 2014
At 92, Betty Reid Soskin is the oldest full-time National Parks service ranger, teaching about racial and gender equality as well as nature.
Full episode - August 07, 2014
Bill Bragin, the director of public programming for the famed Lincoln Center, on bringing free and adventurous music, dance, and art to all.
Full episode - July 31, 2014
Activist Urvashi Vaid talks about how LGBT politics relate to other rights struggles, plus her journey surviving two rounds of cancer.
Full episode - July 24, 2014
Bird Runningwater of the Sundance Institute on innovations in Native and indigenous film.
Full episode - July 17, 2014
Alec Ross
Author and former U.S. diplomat Alec Ross on globalization