Full story - July 13, 2017
Men dig graves inside a graveyard for Syrian refugees in the village of Taalabaya, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, Jan. 10, 2016.
More than 1 million Syrian refugees live in Lebanon, and about 10,000 die each year. The vast majority of them are Sunni Muslims, whose faith prohibits cremation. In a country about one-third of the size of Belgium, burial space has become a pressing issue. One Syrian is doing his part to help.
Full story - July 07, 2017
Alejandra Segura is one of eight women deminers in Colombia.
Alejandra Segura is one of the eight women deminers working to clear Colombia of deadly explosives — a gargantuan task that the country’s president has promised to finish in the next four years.
Full story - June 30, 2017
Zaher Said came to Turkey in July 2011. He's holding his Syrian passport, which is about to expire, in his home in Gaziantep, Turkey, on May 20, 2017.
A Syrian passport once cost $9 and took only a few hours to issue. As the Syrian conflict enters its seventh year, Syrians in Turkey are paying up to $2,000 and waiting for months to get one of the world’s weakest passports.
Full story - June 07, 2017
Abu al-Fadl (left) defused roughly 3,500 mines in al-Bab before he was killed by an explosive device on May 8, 2017.
Abu al-Fadl devoted the final months of his life to clearing al-Bab, Syria, of improvised explosives left behind by ISIS in everything from washing machines to cooking pots. The 60-year-old destroyed roughly 3,500 mines before one took his life.
Full story - April 27, 2017
A fuel stand in rebel-held, besieged Eastern Ghouta, Syria, Feb. 12, 2017.
A recent government offensive shut down smuggling tunnels rebels used to bring in supplies to besieged Eastern Ghouta. With nearly 300,000 people reportedly on the brink of famine, only a pair of businessmen can provide supplies. But they aren’t cheap.
Full story - April 10, 2017
A young girl in Ganyiel’s health clinic watches her 3-year-old sister who is sick with cholera. Her mother brought her over from Tayar island to seek treatment in the clinic.
In South Sudan, people are sheltering from conflict wherever they can, including a network of islands in the swamps of Unity State. On one island, where 2,300 displaced people live without access to clean water or toilets, cholera has become rife.