Full story - November 07, 2008
Franklin D. Roosevelt launched his New Deal in the first hundred days of his administration. Will President-elect Barack Obama embark on an ambitious green New Deal when he takes office?
Full story - June 27, 2008
Manipulating matter at the molecular level opens amazing opportunities for new medicines and materials, But these materials also create potential risks to health and the environment. Jeff Young looks at nanosilver products already on store shelves.
Full story - September 18, 2009
With more than 30 million low-income children dependant on school lunches, it's important for the National School Lunch Program to provide students with nutritious and well-balanced meals. However, Ann Cooper claims these lunches do just the opposite.
Full story - November 28, 2008
International leaders will meet in Poznan, Poland next week to lay the groundwork for a renewed commitment to cutting CO2 emissions, adapting to climate change and fostering renewable energy. Jennifer Morgan, director of the Global Climate Program for the think tank E3G, tells host Bruce Gellerman that she's cautiously optimistic that the U.S., with Barack Obama at the helm, will play a strong role in the fight against climate change.
Full story - May 09, 2008
Jeffrey McNeely, chief scientist at the International Union for Conservation of Nature, discusses how the loss of mangroves, cleared for wood and to make way for shrimp farms and tourist development, led to major flooding and the loss of lives in Myanmar.
Full story - February 06, 2009
The economic stimulus could generate green jobs with tens of billions of dollars for clean energy and efficiency. Living on Earth¹s Jeff Young says that means engaging in tough fights over free trade and fair wages.
Full story - May 23, 2008
While interest in building hydro-electric dams is waning in the U.S., developing nations are increasingly turning to rivers to power their growing economies. Guest: International Rivers Director Patrick McCully about dams in the developing world.
Full story - June 01, 2010
Building a farmer's market in the Crenshaw neighborhood of Los Angeles was a good start, but getting people to shop there is proving difficult.
Full story - March 28, 2008
Instead of consuming megawatts, the founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute says we need to be producing negawatts. Host Bruce Gellerman talks with Amory Lovins about his energy efficient lifestyle.
Full story - March 06, 2009
Researchers design a structure that can shield coastal villages from tsunamis. Jessie Martin reports.