Full story - November 26, 2010
Instead of boycotting irresponsible companies, Carrotmobs inspire masses of people to patronize responsible companies.
Full story - December 05, 2008
Scientists have discovered a fungus from the Patagonian rainforest that produces hydrocarbons much like those found in diesel fuel. Jessie Martin reports.
Full story - June 12, 2009
Climate change will hit the poor and disadvantaged the hardest, not just in developing countries abroad but also here at home. Study co-author Rachel Morello-Frosch talks with host Jeff Young about how this climate gap works and how we can close it.
Full story - August 08, 2008
MIT scientist Dan Nocera tells host Bruce Gellerman how to make cheap energy from a glass of water and photovoltaic solar panels.
Full story - January 04, 2008
Living on Earth interviews Alex Lin, who won the Brower Youth Award for his pioneering work on electronic waste. Lin recycled and refurbishes computers for kids in the U.S. and around the world.
Full story - October 23, 2009
The private, nonprofit development group Enterprise pledged four billion dollars to make low-income housing more energy efficient and healthy. We talk about how those at the lower end of the economic spectrum are hit hardest by home energy prices.
Full story - May 23, 2008
The farm bill gives mixed messages to farmers when it comes to the environment ? boosting conservation programs at the same time it subsidizes harmful farming practices. Living on Earth's Jeff Young spent some time down on the farm to learn more.
Full story - January 16, 2009
A Chinese car company recently began selling a plug-in hybrid electric car in China. Paul Scott of Plug in America tells host Steve Curwood that it will still be at least two years before automakers have similar technology in the United States.
Full story - March 21, 2008
When it comes to your personal health, diet and exercise are great but your salary and zip code could be bigger factors in how long you will live. That's the message behind the new PBS series 'Unnatural Causes, Is Inequality Making us Sick?' Host Bruce Gellerman speaks with Llewellyn Smith, co-executive producer of the series.
Full story - September 05, 2008
The clean energy future Republicans describe in their platform will require big investments in renewable energy sources. Host Steve Curwood talks with Michael Hoffman, managing director for Riverstone Holdings LLC, about the Republicans' green pledges.