Full story - November 29, 2010
Four Harvard students invented a soccer ball that charges with every kick. The young inventors hope to harness the power of soccer fanaticism and turn it into clean energy. Living on Earth and Planet Harmony's Ike Sriskandarajah reports.
Full story - September 26, 2008
This year's winner of the Heinz Award for the Environment is Thomas FitzGerald. FitzGerald founded the Kentucky Resources Council and, for over 25 years, has worked pro-bono, helping Kentucky residents harmed by coal mining.
Full story - June 12, 2009
Scientists say huge cuts are needed to avoid dangerous disruption of our climate. But there does seem to be some good news for developing nations: direct aid is on the table to help poor nations adapt to climate disruption.
Full story - July 25, 2008
When you're in the supermarket or ordering fish at a restaurant, ever have trouble remembering which species has high mercury, which is overfished, and which is the most sustainable? Now, a new text messaging service can tell you everything you need to know, whether one fish, two fish, red fish or blue fish.
Full story - November 28, 2008
Cutting down trees releases CO2 and reduces the amount of CO2 absorbed from the air every year. Now, the regional leaders of some tropical and industrialized countries are finding common ground on ways to curb climate change. Living on Earth reports.
Full story - October 23, 2009
A new pilot program has emerged from the recently announced "Recovery through Retrofit" plan, and it tackles the tough issue of financing green renovation projects -- in your house!