Full story - July 10, 2009
Labels on bottled water make it difficult for consumers to discern what is in their water: has it been purified or tested? A Congressional hearing and new reports illustrate the lack of information that consumers have about what's in a bottle of water.
Full story - April 25, 2008
Singer-activist Feliciano Dos Santos of Mozambique founded the NGO, Estamos, to bring clean water and toilets to his war-torn nation, spreading the message of hygiene through the music of his band, Massukos.
Full story - November 14, 2008
Michigan Congressman John Dingell has long looked out for Detroit's carmakers on Capitol Hill fighting fuel efficiency and tailpipe emissions standards. But now Dingell faces a challenge from one of the greenest Democrats ? California's Henry Waxman.
Full story - November 21, 2008
Critics say hospital buildings and food are enough to make you sick. Today there's a growing movement in health care to get hospitals to green their facilities and, as host Bruce Gellerman reports, it's transforming the medical community.
Full story - December 11, 2009
The UN's REDD project may help rural villagers whose livelihoods depend almost entirely on the land and forests currently threatened by the pulpwood industry in Sumatra. From Living on Earth.
Full story - July 11, 2008
One company proposes removable, reusable stadium seats to minimize leftover space after the Olympics leave town. Kim Gittleson reports.
Full story - February 13, 2009
Stanford professor Byron Reeves wants committed computer gamers to commit to home energy efficiency. Using smart metering technology, characters in the game would gain points for real-life energy efficiency improvements.
Full story - November 09, 2007
A new study by Global Footprint Network compares the ecological footprints of 93 nations across the globe -- and finds that Cuba is the only one developing sustainably. Global Footprint Network Director Mathis Wackernagel tells host Bruce Gellerman why Cuba tops the list and other nations don't.
Full story - August 24, 2010
A bike shop in Brooklyn is pioneering ways to create bikes from bamboo in ways that benefit both Ghana and the environment.
Full story - May 16, 2008
Nissan pledges to build a zero emissions electric car by 2010. Host Bruce Gellerman talks with John O'Dell, senior editor of the website Green Car Advisor, about what the car will look like and how and when we might see a fleet of electric automobiles.