Full story - September 19, 2008
Detroit's big car makers want $25 billion in taxpayer loans to help them retool to build cleaner cars. But will the money really go toward making cars go farther on a gallon of gas? Living on Earth's Jeff Young questions GM's top executive to find out.
Full story - October 08, 2010
University of Minnesota scientist Marla Spivak has received a Macarthur genius grant for her work studying bees and trying to save them from 'colony collapse disorder.'
Full story - April 25, 2008
Congressman Brian Baird wants Americans to use their economic stimulus checks to benefit the environment. What will people do with the money? Living on Earth's Bobby Bascomb hit the street to find out.
Full story - May 22, 2009
Federal funds to train workers for green jobs in the future are soon going to flow but the nation's education system is ill equipped to teach the workforce skills that will be needed. Living on Earth's Bruce Gellerman visits Boston-based JFY Networks.
Full story - February 13, 2009
Villagers in a region of Yunnan Province, China whose fields were flooded by a dam, have teamed up with a Chinese non-profit to create sustainable livelihoods and a community voice. Elise Potaka reports for Living on Earth.
Full story - July 11, 2008
Mechanized sewers may be the answer to storm overflow getting into nearby water bodies. Jessica Ilyse reports.
Full story - June 05, 2009
Will Bradshaw of Green Coast Enterprises tells Living on Earth about Project Sprout, a test plot of sunflowers in New Orleans. The sunflowers will remove heavy metals from contaminated soils and the sunflower seeds will be pressed to make biofuels.
Full story - May 02, 2008
Heavy metals can't hide from a new pocket-tester, designed to measure levels of dangerous metals with just a prick of a finger or a drop of saliva. Living on Earth's Margaret Rossano reports.
Full story - October 30, 2009
The city of Boulder, Colorado has a few smart grid homes already up and running. Host Steve Curwood talks with Kara Mertz, the Local Environmental Action Division Manager for Boulder about her city's smart grid plan.
Full story - February 22, 2008
Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Dr. F. Jeffrey Martin talks with host Steve Curwood about capturing carbon dioxide from the air to make gasoline.