Full story - July 23, 2010
Volunteers are raising, nurturing and releasing beetles in an effort to fight an invasive plant.
Full story - February 20, 2009
The U.S. recycles almost all car batteries, but that's not true in many developing countries. Sifting through waste to retrieve lead is a major source of income, and lead exposure, for many people in poorer countries. Living on Earth reports.
Full story - April 24, 2009
Indian farmers are using ancient tricks on a modern problem. By working with native forests instead of against them, these stewards have been able to preserve biodiversity without hurting their harvest. Sandra Larson reports.
Full story - October 10, 2008
Google hopes to help wean the United States off oil and coal by 2030. Google's Director of the Climate Change and Energy Initiatives, Dan Reicher, explains their 'do well by doing good' creed to Living on Earth's host Bruce Gellerman.
Full story - February 01, 2008
The body heat from the hundreds of thousands of commuters who use Stockholm's Central Station will be harnessed to heat a nearby office building. Deutsche Welle Radio's Aarni Kuoopamaki reports.
Full story - July 17, 2009
A new Pew Research Center poll has found most Americans don't believe in evolution, don't think climate change is human-induced, and don't know that electrons are smaller than atoms. The findings may point to America's collective scientific illiteracy.
Full story - June 06, 2008
Eighty-year-old Texas oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens is feeling the green breeze -- he's putting 12 billion dollars into what will be the world's largest wind farm, will power one million homes, and help with U.S. energy.
Full story - November 14, 2008
With Detroit asking for another handout, now is the time to demand green cars from the Big Three automakers. UC-Davis Professor Daniel Sperling tells host Bruce Gellerman any bailout must require affordable, fuel efficient vehicles.
Full story - April 04, 2008
The sun and wind can power your portable gadgets and keep you connected. Host Bruce Gellerman talks with designer Arthur Huang about his creation, the HYmini-- a solar panel and windmill that fit in your pocket.
Full story - November 27, 2009
Community activist Majora Carter has helped bring environmentalism to New York City. She talks with Living on Earth about the social challenges of making the South Bronx sustainable.