Full story - December 07, 2018
DC climate rally
What might it mean for environmental policy in the US if politicians tapped into the 20 million ‘super-environmentalist’ registered voters who mostly tend to stay home on election day?
Full story - December 07, 2018
Discarded electronic waste
"Right to Repair" promotes resources people need to fix the things they own, from smartphones to dishwashers to agricultural equipment. The movement started as a response to the growing stream of e-waste but has broadened its message.
Full story - November 30, 2018
Sumatran rhino baby
Back in the 1980s, scientists tried to breed captive Sumatran rhinos to save the species, with very limited success. But now a new coalition is hoping to learn from past mistakes and renew the breeding program.
Full story - November 30, 2018
Rainforest cleared for palm oil plantation
Once viewed as a promising solution to the global increase of carbon emissions, biodiesel fuels have become a huge part of the problem — especially in the rainforests of Indonesia.
Full story - November 30, 2018
COP 24 session in Katowice, Poland
The Trump administration seems determined to ignore the findings in the recently released climate report from its own agencies.
Full story - November 23, 2018
Farmers bend to harvest and grow plants.
In her new book, "Farming While Black: Soul Fire Farm's Practical Guide to Liberation on the Land," Leah Penniman describes her journey as a woman of color reclaiming space in the agricultural world while providing a comprehensive guide for others who want to follow her path.
Full story - November 23, 2018
Keystone XL protesters
A federal judge in Montana ruled the Trump administration did not adequately consider the project's impact on climate change.
Full story - November 16, 2018
Longhorn cattle on Knepp Estate
When a multigenerational agricultural estate in West Sussex, England, was no longer a fruitful venture — the owners decided to let nature take its course.
Full story - November 16, 2018
California fire firefighter with flames
California’s 2018 wildfire season is one of the most destructive on record. More than 7,500 fires burned nearly 2 million acres of land so far this year — the most land burned in a single year since records have been kept.
Full story - November 09, 2018
Wind turbine against a blue sky.
Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has focused primarily on supporting oil, gas and mining interests — his announcement of new offshore wind projects came as a bit of a shock.