Full story - September 06, 2019
Red and orange blazing fires in Amazon forest
Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon is on the rise since the election of President Jair Bolsonaro, who has backed farmers and corporations bent on turning old growth forest into soy fields and cattle ranches.
Full story - July 26, 2019
Kids at summer camp
Summer camp for youngsters began in the late 1800s as an escape from urban industrialization. Nowadays, traditional summer camps offer a respite from technology and an opportunity to use nature as a classroom.
Full story - July 26, 2019
Polluted river Sonora, Mexico
A recent sulfuric acid spill from a mining facility in Sonora, Mexico, has angered local residents and prompted calls for better environmental oversight from the Mexican government.
Full story - July 26, 2019
Monarch with tag
A recent study found that some captive-bred monarch butterflies in the US are at a disadvantage when completing their migration to Mexico.
Full story - July 19, 2019
Aerial view fracking pads
A new metastudy details the adverse effects fracking has on the local environment, the climate and human health.
Full story - July 19, 2019
Hadestown Orpheus and Eurydice
“Hadestown" retells the Greek myths of Orpheus and Eurydice, Hades and Persephone in a Great Depression-inspired, post-apocalyptic setting. The show infuses themes of isolationism, worker exploitation and climate change with New Orleans jazz, folk and pop music.
Full story - June 28, 2019
"Ice on Fire" filming
The Earth is warming and changing faster than many climate scientists had predicted, and at times the future looks impossibly grim. A new HBO documentary focuses on the practical and accessible solutions to climate change already at hand.
Full story - June 28, 2019
US-Mexico border Nogales
As the Trump administration’s focus on the US-Mexico border intensifies, scientists who study ecosystems in the region are having a hard time doing their jobs.
Full story - June 28, 2019
world leaders at the G20 Summit
June 2019 brought world leaders together at two major meetings: the Bonn Climate Change Conference and the G20 Osaka Summit. Neither meeting made much progress on the major issues still being debated. Once again, the US stance was particularly problematic.
Full story - June 28, 2019
Diver with corals
Warmer ocean temperatures, ocean acidification and poor water quality combine to make a toxic environment for most corals around the world. But some corals are actually thriving despite these challenges and scientists hope to propagate these resilient corals to give struggling reefs a leg up.