Full story - August 04, 2018
Elkhorn coral is one of the main varieties of coral that workers on the northern coast of Puerto Rico have been able to restore following damage done by Hurricane Maria in 2017.
It is truly amazing what zip ties and a pair of pliers can do. Just ask the members of Group V.I.D.A.S. in Puerto Rico.
Full story - July 23, 2018
Kenton Ganster, left, stands with his mother, Kathleen, with a drilling rig used for fracking visible in the background off of the Rachel Carson Trail north of Pittsburgh.
She stood for environmentalism. Now a drilling rig stands along the trail in her name.
Full story - July 13, 2018
Kavanaugh 2006
Judge Brett Kavanaugh has consistently ruled against the EPA's authority to regulate pollutants and toxic chemicals.
Full story - July 13, 2018
A woman stands next to rows of tidy plants on a rooftop farm
Boston Medical Center, a major trauma center and teaching hospital, is reimagining what it means to care for patients with a new rooftop agriculture project.
Full story - July 17, 2018
Many New Yorkers may not know David Hosack's name, but they wouldn't recognize their city without the public institutions he founded or influenced.
Full story - July 16, 2018
Under a new carbon offset program that is gaining popularity in Congress, oil and gas companies — and other manufacturers of products involving — fossil fuel would have to pay $40 for every ton of carbon emitted into the atmosphere.
After years of having difficulty passing legislation relating to greenhouse gas emissions, a group consisting of both Democrats and Republicans believe they have a plan that can make their constituents happy.
Full story - July 16, 2018
Since 2002, scientific data pointed to a slower decline of CFC-11, one of several chemical substances banned by the Montreal Protocol in 1987. The amount of CFC-11 found in the atmosphere has actually gone up during that time, prompting the United Nations
Those who have watched over the Montreal Protocol since its formation have never had to take significant measures to enforce it — until now.
Full story - July 12, 2018
Growing high tides have turned this photo — taken from Pompano Beach, Florida, after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 — into a regular occurrence along the U.S. coastlines.
Some Americans think major flooding will not affect the country until decades from now. A recent report says major implications may be arriving much sooner.
Full story - June 29, 2018
Corn, or maize
A global crop failure could have catastrophic consequences. Right now, such an event seems unlikely. But if the world continues to warm at its current pace, it becomes ever more possible.
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Horse on dry lake
Migration isn't caused just by violence and failing governments: Climate-related problems such as drought, extreme storms and excessive heat have pushed many small farmers in Central America to leave their land and head north.