Full story - September 10, 2021
The Shell Norco oil refinery along the Mississippi River in Norco, LA.
“The chemical plants are really having a ball with this hurricane,” says Sharon Lavigne, a local activist who has been fighting to stop pollution in a highly toxic area of southern Louisiana.
Full story - September 10, 2021
Founder of RISE St. James and 2021 Goldman Environmental Prize winner Sharon Lavigne
Black residents in Louisiana communities hit hard by Hurricane Ida have been fighting for environmental justice there for decades. Hurricane Ida made their task even harder.
Full story - August 27, 2021
Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve
A major Alaska drilling project that would tap into 600 million barrels of oil has been put on hold by a federal judge.
Full story - August 27, 2021
Clear-cut forest near Eugene, Oregon
An intricate web of roots and fungi connects life in an old growth forest, allowing ancient “mother trees” to nourish and protect their kin. In her new book, “Finding the Mother Tree: Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest,” ecologist Suzanne Simard reveals what she’s discovered about these connections through decades of experiments with trees.
Full story - July 30, 2021
Buildings burn as the Dixie Fire tears through the Greenville community of Plumas County, Calif., on Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021.
As a slew of extreme weather events hit the headlines, the evidence of climate disruption is becoming undeniable. One climate expert warns that humanity is headed for dangerous thresholds of climate disruptions that would be beyond our ability to adapt.
Full story - July 30, 2021
A record number of wolves are roaming the forests and fields of Oregon, 20 years after the species returned to the state.
“Once There Were Wolves” tells a mysterious tale about a woman-led team working to reintroduce wolves to the Scottish Highlands, the people who confront them, and the deadly toll of domestic abuse.
Full story - June 11, 2021
Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck
Ford’s F-Series pickup trucks are the best-selling vehicles in the United States. Now the all-electric version of the popular F-150 is the talk of the auto industry.
Full story - May 21, 2021
An adult cicada rests after shedding its nymphal skin, on the bark of an an oak tree early Wednesday, May 5, 2021, on the University of Maryland campus in College Park, Maryland.
Don't like the deafening sound of 17-year cicadas? Try eating one. You may fall in love.
Full story - May 21, 2021
Adult cicadas cover a plant, Monday, May 17, 2021, at Woodend Sanctuary and Mansion, in Chevy Chase, Maryland.
Trillions of cicadas, underground for the last 17 years, have emerged in numerous eastern and midwestern states to spend a few days above ground climbing onto trees and walls, mating and making a wonderful ruckus.
Full story - May 07, 2021
In 2019, the Morgan sisters biked to New York City from Andover with their mom to raise awareness about climate change.
Teens and kids will feel the impact global warming more keenly than older generations — and many of them are choosing to act now to stop it.