Full story - November 15, 2019
Plastic beach pollution
Recent research estimates that as much as a credit card’s worth of plastic makes its way into our bodies each week. A new bill aims to drastically reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the nation’s waste stream.
Full story - November 08, 2019
Rainforest biotic pump
Earth’s rainforests are astonishingly biodiverse ecosystems that can drive the climates of faraway continents, but they’re disappearing in the name of the kind of economic development that values rainforests more when logged, mined, or turned into farmland. A new book argues that the world’s rainforests are most valuable when kept intact.
Full story - November 08, 2019
Keystone pipeline spill
Opponents of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline say it threatens waterways and wildlife habitats along its route. Last month's spill from the original Keystone pipeline just helped them make their case.
Full story - November 01, 2019
Borneo rainforest
When Kinari Webb first visited Borneo’s Gunung Palung National Park in the 1990s as a student, the rainforest was being deforested at a frightening rate. Webb went on to found the nonprofit, Health in Harmony, which aims to keep the forest healthy by keeping people healthy.
Full story - November 01, 2019
Prescribed burning in Arizona
A century of fire suppression has turned much of the West into a tinderbox. Prescribed fire could help bring nature back into balance, but it’s currently far more common in the Southeastern US than in the West, where it’s sorely needed.
Full story - October 25, 2019
Ethane crackers pollution, carbon emissions
Plastic has long been made from oil, but today it’s increasingly made from ethane, a component of natural gas. To turn ethane into the building block of plastic, petrochemical companies are investing in ethane cracker plants, raising concerns about what these facilities could mean for air pollution and climate change.
Full story - October 25, 2019
YouTube team trees
On October 25, hundreds of YouTube creators partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation with a goal of planting 20 million trees. It’s been called “the largest collaboration on YouTube ever in the world."
Full story - September 06, 2019
Underland cave light
For nearly a decade, author Robert Macfarlane has been venturing into ice caves, exploring underwater rivers and crawling through catacombs. His latest book, "Underland: A Deep Time Journey," documents these travels and explores the human relationship with the "deep time" of down below.
Full story - September 06, 2019
Red and orange blazing fires in Amazon forest
Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon is on the rise since the election of President Jair Bolsonaro, who has backed farmers and corporations bent on turning old growth forest into soy fields and cattle ranches.
Full story - July 26, 2019
Kids at summer camp
Summer camp for youngsters began in the late 1800s as an escape from urban industrialization. Nowadays, traditional summer camps offer a respite from technology and an opportunity to use nature as a classroom.