Full story - February 21, 2020
China landfill
As one of the world's biggest users of plastic, China recently unveiled a major plan to phase out single-use plastics across the country.
Full story - February 14, 2020
Four young people walk on an island with puddles
Climate change refugees are not yet recognized by international law, but a recent ruling by the United Nations Human Rights Committee has opened the door to new types of protected status.
Full story - February 07, 2020
Australia Mountain ash sowing seeds
After years of repeated bushfires, some of Australia’s forests can no longer grow back on their own, so humans are giving them a helping hand by carefully collecting and distributing their seeds.
Full story - January 31, 2020
Child hugging lion, roar
In his book, “Our Wild Calling: How Connecting with Animals Can Transform Our Lives — and Save Theirs,” author Richard Louv shares stories about meaningful interactions between humans and other species and makes the case for their value.
Full story - January 31, 2020
As a novel coronavirus began spreading from Wuhan, China, scientists from across the country collaborated to isolate, sequence and publish the complete genetic code of the virus — just a month after the first documented case.
Full story - January 24, 2020
Tromsø Norway aerial
Scandinavia is nearly synonymous with cold and snow, but a recent study from Norway shows that’s beginning to change.
Full story - January 17, 2020
Kentucky mining supply company
Communities on both sides of the Atlantic have been hit hard economically as coal production has dropped. Their experiences are the theme of a new book and documentary called, “After Coal: Stories of Survival in Appalachia and Wales.”
Full story - December 27, 2019
Riparian forest in northern Mexico
Valer Clark has dedicated herself to finding ways to restore and maintain lands that have dried up in northern Mexico and the southwestern US since the 1970s when she purchased properties in the region.
Full story - November 29, 2019
Cosmic Crisp apple tree
Creating a new breed of apple and bringing it successfully to market is much more complicated than you might think. The Cosmic Crisp is now in stores and growers hope it will live up to the hype.
Full story - November 29, 2019
Air pollution in China
A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association indicates that supposedly safe levels of air pollution can actually be deadly.