Full story - June 17, 2019
A cat stands next to someone writing.
While specialists have accomplished great things, author David Epstein makes the argument for why generalists may be better suited to the modern world.
Full story - June 07, 2019
a teacher reads a book to a group of student.
You've heard of his books — now hear the story of the man behind them: Dr. Seuss. Find out what influenced the books that have captivated children for decades.
Full story - June 03, 2019
Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton shake hands on stage in front of a crowd.
The polarization between Republicans and Democrats in the United States has grown in recent years — especially since the election of Donald Trump. Analysis suggests that this trend may be here to stay.
Full story - May 29, 2019
A marble statue stands in front of a Greek flag.
Researchers at MIT’s Collective Learning Group have investigated big questions behind fame. From new material to changing ethics, a variety of factors may impact what we ultimately remember as a society.
Full story - May 21, 2019
a white bottle of Oxycontin sits on a shelf.
With overdoses becoming an increasing problem in the US, its more important than ever to understand how our brains react to drugs. Judith Grisel, a former drug addict turned neuroscientist, explains how our brains become addicted to drugs and shares her story.
Full story - May 06, 2019
A woman's hands hold a medical tube next to a small box.
As genetic information becomes more readily available because of companies like 23andMe, scientists are finding new ways to treat diseases through gene therapy.
Full story - April 15, 2019
History is full of examples of loonshots that have been dismissed by those in the mainstream.
Full story - April 09, 2019
A chimpanzee holds a grey blanket up in a tree.
New research has shown that behaviors previously thought to be unique to humans may not really be. Many human behaviors and abilities such as stylistic fashion and the use of fire are starting to be observed in the animal kingdom, leading scientists to question what we thought we knew about animal behavior.
Full story - April 01, 2019
A man holds a guitar in his arms. Behind him are four more guitars on stands.
Les Paul and Leo Fender, inventors of the solid-body electric guitar, didn't like what rock musicians did with their instrument, says one author.
Full story - March 15, 2019
A black and white photo showing three scientists in an old looking laboratory.
Obsessed with work, insensitive, socially detached, and neglectful of family and friends — these may not be the most endearing qualities in a person, but they are just a few of the common characteristics a researcher found when studying some of the world’s most famous and prolific inventors.