The new National Defense Authorization Act currently being debated Congress contains provisions that would declare an ongoing war on terror.
As of January 1st, 2011, Oprah has her own network – OWN – but is too nice?
PostSecret, a project that collects anonymous secrets mailed on postcards from around the world, is now a book.
What would you grab if you had to run from a fire or natural disaster? A website asks for answers.
The federal government is singling out potatoes as culprits in the fight against childhood obesity.
The tactics fast food companies use to get us to overeat, and come back for more -- from shakes in clear plastic cups to apples with caramel.
As it becomes harder to hack computers, criminals are looking for new targets and they just might have found it in your garage. The latest target for hackers may be your car.
A camp for children and adults with disabilities creates a community through which campers, counselors and the surrounding town benefit.
The autobiography of China's greatest actor, Ying Ruochen, goes from imprisonment by a Communist government to being directed by Arthur Miller.
A neuroscientist investigates what makes a piano performance moving.