A new study from the Society of Gynecologic Oncology released Monday says fewer women with ovarian cancer seek the best care. Complicating matters, one reporter says women who do choose to undergo these aggressive treatments oftentimes have a hard time finding a qualified surgeon.
Al Jazeera is expanding its international reach with the creation of Al Jazeera America. Media scholar Traci Griffith says, despite criticism of Al Jazeera's coverage of the United States, its entrance into the market is good for media literacy and diversity.
A maple syrup heist in Quebec threatens price controls the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers has used for some time -- and the theft occurred a year ago. The investigation continues into how one well-known buyer acquired the stolen syrup.
Argo, which won the Academy Award for best picture, and two of its fellow nominees are under scrutiny by some critics who say the screenwriters embellished the stories for Hollywood entertainment.
This week marks the two-year anniversary of the Arab Spring protests that rocked Cairo and toppled the government of Hosni Mubarak. But unrest and violence has continued as police and the court system lose credibility amongst Egyptians.
The video of a Florida fundraiser that some say changed the course of the last U.S. presidential election has attracted attention once again after the videographer finally stepped forward. The renewed interest comes on the heels of Mitt Romney 's first public speech since the election, last week.
The Court heard the second of two cases regarding same-sex marriage this week. Legal scholar Emily Bazelon says the Justices' comments indicate that the Court could strike down the law which prevents legally married same-sex couples from receiving federal benefits.
The ongoing conflict in northern Mali has forced France to increase their troops in the former French colony. But as France increases their force and the UN prepares African troops, immediacy of the troop increase has become a concern.
Though people are capable of telling a lot of lies, it's often difficult to tell when others are the ones stretching the truth. A group of engineers have developed a lie-detecting kiosk that uses facial landmarks to detect deception. The technology could become the newest form of border security.
A grand jury in Ohio will consider additional charged in connection with the rape of a teenage girl, specifically considering whether charges shoud be filed against people who failed to report what happened. Among those who could be called are 16 people who refused to be interviewed about the case and Steubenville's football coach.