Full story - June 19, 2017
Maja Žirovčić rearranges the hand-painted shoes she's designed with co-founder, Ljudmila Mihajlović.
Surrounded by students who would later leave Croatia in pursuit of more successful jobs, Ljudmila Mihajlović and Maja Žirovčić never dreamed that their hobby would one day become a business.
Full story - September 09, 2016
Youth unemployment
The global youth unemployment rate has returned to a level close to its all-time high, according to new data from the International Labor Organization.
Full story - June 21, 2016
“In Tanzania, it is as if we don’t exist,” says Salumu Kundaya Kidomwita, a Barabaig cattle herder whose name translates to “Warthog.” At the age of 60, Kidomwita is facing his second eviction in the last decade. After being pushed out of his home by a ri
A World Bank-funded development in Tanzania may push out the indigenous people of the area. Here is a look at those facing eviction.
Full story - February 02, 2016
A man hauls a box of blankets during distribution hours in Zaatari refugee camp. First opened on July 23, 2012 as a temporary settlement in Jordan for Syrians fleeing conflict has since turned into a permanent fixture resembling a small city rather than a
King Abdullah of Jordan has told the BBC that his country has reached saturation point in its ability to take in and care for Syrian refugees. Speaking ahead of an international donors conference in London on Thursday, King Abdullah said Jordan could not continue to accept refugees unless it received more support, including help to create more jobs for Jordanians. The country has accepted hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees; together with unregistered migrants and Syrians there before the conflict, they make up 20 percent of the population.
Full story - December 30, 2015
Afghan rappers attend during the Sound Central music festival in Kabul May 1, 2013.
The first millennials were born in 1980, the same year the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. This generation of Afghans has only known war, but is also better educated than any prior generation and represents the country's future. Correspondent Jean MacKenzie, who lives and works in Afghanistan, profiles millennials in politics, business, education and the arts to understand the legacy of conflict and hope for a stronger society.
Full story - December 01, 2015
Paris climate change talks
Two leaders and their different stands on solving climate change bracket historic talks in Paris.
Full story - October 15, 2015
ICANN slow to leave US grip
The Internet's governing body has struggled to transition into an independent operation.
Full story - October 02, 2015
Public health officials agree that the next disease outbreak of infectious disease is imminent. The question is, which one?
Full story - September 30, 2015
What the fall of Kunduz tells us about Afghanistan’s current reality.
Full story - September 23, 2015
Rodas, Cuba
For years, the Catholic Church was beleaguered across Cuba, but with Pope Francis, many now see an opportunity for Cuban Catholics to build a freer future.