Google Reunion Ad Still
Google India made an ad to show how the search engine could help people reconnect with old friends. Now the campaign has touched an emotional chord across Pakistan and India, by reawakening memories of the painful partition of India in 1947.
Eddie Avila was born in Kansas to Bolivian parents. Growing up, he was more interested in basketball than football — the version we'd call soccer. But when he eventually moved home to Bolivia, it was soccer that called him there and helped him connect with his native land.
Tariq Al Mubarak
Six days ago a Saudi writer was arrested for lending his support to the right of women in his country to drive cars. Now, netizens call for his release.
Full story - October 31, 2013
Toribío, a small town in Colombia, has been hard hit by that nation's violence, typically fueled by drugs. But in October, the community decided to paint the town — literally.
In a society where women are covered, even small, private acts that express femininity, like girls dancing fully-clothed in the rain, can be seen as sexual. Cell or home videos are being exploited on YouTube as "porn."
Two storms battered the poor southern Mexican state of Guerrero last month. And then the communities were left to fend for themselves for days, according to a Mexican human rights organization.
The face of Myanmar has changed over the past 25 years as the country has transitioned from authoritarian rule to limited democracy.
Chinglish is a problem on signs in China — and no one's quite sure how to go about fixing it. The city of Shenzen, though, has a scheme to get the people making fun of the bad translations to help fix them.
In Russia, women are using hunger strikes to draw attention to what they perceive as injustice. But only one hunger strike, by a member of the band Pussy Riot, is really drawing attention.
Lesbian kiss in Brazil
A very public kiss at an evangelical rally north of São Paulo leads to arrest and a gay rights debate in Brazil.