Full story - October 25, 2018
A blurry image of a car chase overlaid with Japanese writing.
A Japanese "cop reality show" chasing foreigners who have overstayed their visas is not a welcome sign for the 500,000 new foreign workers who will arrive to help ease a chronic labor shortage.
Full story - September 03, 2018
Rhinoceros on field with gentle sunlight behind him
The process is estimated to cost $9 millions and some have questioned the practicality of pouring such heavy financial resources into saving a species that is already at the brink of extinction, rather than using the money to protect existing healthy rhino populations:
Full story - March 08, 2017
Lima Peru construction
A group of construction workers in Lima wants women to know they'll be shown respect.
Full story - February 01, 2017
Young girl holding sign in front of crowd, "I want to hug my dad"
As Trump's executive orders on who can and cannot enter the US from seven countries are clarified, an MIT professor has built a repository to help gain clarity for travelers.
Full story - January 20, 2017
Two people in masks in front of three portraits of Putin, Le Pen and Trump
Invitations went out over social media this week, informing journalists about inauguration festivities organized by the “White Star” art collective, which includes several prominent figures in Russia’s pro-Kremlin youth movement.
Full story - January 13, 2017
Professeur Jean-Marie Servant
Jean-Marie Servant learned his surgery techniques in the great hospitals of the world. But it was in Niger, the poorest country on the planet, where he was able to pioneer a facial reconstruction technique that now helps poor children suffering from a poverty-related disease that goes back to ancient times. Servant is remembered by his friend and colleague Daniel Cataldo.
Full story - December 16, 2016
Syria Aleppo bus burning
The fog of war doesn’t simply happen; combatants contribute to it strategically.
Full story - October 29, 2016
Collage of self portraits in black and white
Taiwan is considered one of the most liberal countries in Asia because of its LGBT-friendly environment. Yet Jacques Camille Picoux's death speaks volumes about how being “friendly” is not enough.
Full story - October 11, 2016
Delfín Quishpe
Delfín Quishpe, who is Quechua from the El Chimborazo area of Ecuador, is a champion for indigenous people within the music world, but he's a divisive figure.
Full story - July 11, 2016
A panel of an illustration about a woman being deported to Czech Republic
See and read what life is like in detention centers and for people who are experiencing the immigration enforcement process through a unique art initiative.