Full story - January 03, 2016
Shipping containers
Goods and resources move across the global market — raw materials to factory, finished goods from factory to market. But all that moving comes at a cost to the environment.
Full story - December 30, 2015
Nest thermostat
That eco setting seems great in theory, but many consumers turn away from it, using more energy-intensive savings and actually doing the opposite of what the feature was intended for.
Full story - November 30, 2015
Beef for sale
Meat consumption is set to rise dramatically over the next 10 years. But not all meat has the same environmental impact.
Full story - November 05, 2015
Salt marsh
The salt marshes are an invaluable resources for protecting endangered species.
Full story - October 12, 2015
An illustration by Erin Dunn
Why do the merits or demerits of GMOs grab more headline space than systemic food and agriculture concerns? Food systems researcher Maywa Montenegro breaks down the debate.
Full story - September 17, 2015
An open sewer in Kenya
As African modernizes, it's facing a shortage of fuel to power an increasing amount of electrical devices. But the answer could rest in another intractable problem: sanitation. Could the two problems actually be each other's solution?
Full story - August 13, 2015
Plastic litters a Brazil beach
As petroleum-based polymers foul our oceans and litter our lives, researchers seek more environmentally friendly ways to meet demand for durable, versatile materials.
Full story - July 13, 2015
As demand grows and habitat disappears, scientists ponder tighter controls on the Antarctic krill harvest.
Full story - July 08, 2015
San Francisco clothing shop
Sensitized to growing concern, manufacturers are paying increased attention to hazardous substances in our wardrobe’s supply chain.
Full story - July 05, 2015
Egypt power plant
Sub-Saharan Africa needs a more reliable energy supply. The way it chooses to meet that need will affect the entire planet.