Full story - February 28, 2019
People chant slogans as they burn an effigy
India and Pakistan enter into a volatile situation after weeks of increasing tension.
Full story - February 28, 2019
Rock of Gibraltar at dusk
Gibraltar encapsulates many of the concerns that will haunt UK-EU relations once Brexit takes place.
Full story - February 27, 2019
A man in business attire holding a briefcase walks past a shirtless man stooping over plastic bags
Many Americans would be appalled to think that anything like caste could exist in a country allegedly founded on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But can looking at the US through the lens of caste tell us more about inequality in America?
Full story - February 27, 2019
Cuba flag on wall.
Cuba has rejected a proposal to legalize same-sex marriage in its new and revised constitution, a move that disappointed some gay rights activists. But marriage equality is not totally off the table in Cuba. Progress comes slowly and cloaked in moderation.
Full story - February 27, 2019
Woman with red hair grabs her head with frustrated scrunched face.
Pyt doesn’t have an exact English translation. It’s more a cultural concept about cultivating healthy thoughts to deal with stress.
Full story - February 25, 2019
a young Chinese man wears yellow headphones in front of a computer
Thanks to blockchain, internet users have achieved some victories in the fight against China’s strict internet censorship.
Full story - February 22, 2019
Plastic pollution — or more accurately, the response of governments and industry to addressing plastic pollution — provides a “convenient truth” that distracts from addressing the real environmental threats such as climate change.
Full story - February 22, 2019
a painting of Sarah Churchillon a light blue background
How does the portrayal of these women stack up against the historical reality? Might the fancy frocks, extravagant palaces and sexual triangles distract viewers from their true historical significance?
Full story - February 21, 2019
A woman's pregnant silhouette
Darker-skinned children wait longer to be adopted and it costs more to adopt a white baby.
Full story - February 20, 2019
Man stands at entrance to internet cafe.
The justifications for such shutdowns are usually relatively predictable. Governments often claim that internet access is blocked in the interest of public security and order. The irony, however, is that shutdowns actually deepen dissent.