Full story - January 08, 2019
President Nicolas Maduro attends a ceremony in a suit and sash
All credible polling in Venezuela says that most Venezuelans desperately want Maduro out. But that does not necessarily mean they are open to desperate measures.
Full story - January 07, 2019
a man without shoes, sits on a big pile of papers while he examines voting materials
As the world waits amid growing international pressure for the national electoral commission to make official the results, it’s already possible to see that significant change has come to DRC.
Full story - January 07, 2019
a little girl and her doll peek through a rusted wall
2018 saw positive steps towards resolving some of the world’s most difficult border conflicts, between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan and Ethiopia and Eritrea. What lessons can be drawn from these examples?
Full story - January 04, 2019
Fiery rocket launch.
China became the third country to land a probe on the Moon on Jan. 2. What does this mean for the future of space exploration and relations between the US and China?
Full story - January 02, 2019
Women in uniform hold stretchers in front of ambulances in this historic photo.
The Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918 infected more than one-third of the world. It may have also affected the outcome of the 1919 peace talks in Parias after WWI.
Full story - January 01, 2019
Side profile of Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji.
"Lionheart" marked Netflix's first original film from Nigeria and the beginning of a new era in the relationship between Netflix and Nollywood.
Full story - December 21, 2018
US Capitol building is seen reflected in a puddle at sunrise on the day of the US midterm election
Beyond the individual workers and families affected, could a short or lengthy shutdown affect the broader US economy as well?
Full story - December 20, 2018
Red poppies in green grass under a blue sky.
Once a human conflict has ended, the return of nature to barren landscapes becomes a potent symbol of peace.
Full story - December 20, 2018
Police in riot gear lift a red tape to enter a crime scene
In a study of 90 political groups, those who used terrorism achieved their goals less than those who used other tactics.
Full story - December 18, 2018
a man climbs a pile of garbage
“It’s really concerning that so little plastic has ever been recycled and, as a result, so much plastic waste has leached out into the world’s environment. It’s a great, growing and genuinely world problem,” said RSS president, Sir David Spiegelhalter.