Full story - June 30, 2016
This image shows Baker, the second of the two atomic bomb tests
The Marshall Islands were the site of some of the first nuclear tests conducted by the US. Now 70 years on, though, many residents are still awaiting promised compensation.
Full story - June 27, 2016
A workers counts ballots after polling stations closed in the Referendum on the European Union in Islington, London.
The geography of Britain's vote to leave the European Union tells us much about the political geography of the UK. But what about the political future of the UK?
Full story - June 24, 2016
Boris Johnson
This neo-nationalistic move comes at an incredibly bad time for US strategic planners, who are amid a pivot to Asia. It also will diminish the role of America's strongest ally in the world.
Full story - June 22, 2016
Seddique Mateen
Omar Mateen frequented at gay bars and signed up for gay dating apps. A psychological researcher talks about a relationship between repressed sexual identities and homophobia.
Full story - June 20, 2016
Obama in London
A vote to leave the European Union may make Britain a less-valuable US ally and have American businesses questioning their investments in the UK.
Full story - June 17, 2016
The future of war?
Fully autonomous weapons are quickly moving from the realm of science fiction toward reality. Was safeguards will we have to make sure the "killer robots" can't act on their own?
Full story - June 14, 2016
Omar Mateen
We now know that many boys who descend on people with guns are motivated by fears that they are perceived as homosexual and that attacking suspected or known homosexuals is a way for boys to demonstrate heterosexuality to their peers.
Full story - June 13, 2016
Investigators at scene of Orlando shootings
A researcher clears up misconceptions about gun ownership and the effectiveness of background checks.
Full story - June 08, 2016
Donald Trump and America First
At one point, "Americas First" attracted hundreds of thousands of members.
Full story - June 06, 2016
Muhammad Ali
According to Dr. Daniel Ashton, the media landscape we live with today is an opportunity to examine the heightened visibility and increasingly intimate relationship between the public and celebrities like Muhammad Ali, David Bowie and Prince.