Full story - June 08, 2016
Donald Trump and America First
At one point, "Americas First" attracted hundreds of thousands of members.
Full story - June 06, 2016
Muhammad Ali
According to Dr. Daniel Ashton, the media landscape we live with today is an opportunity to examine the heightened visibility and increasingly intimate relationship between the public and celebrities like Muhammad Ali, David Bowie and Prince.
Full story - June 03, 2016
These two women are taking on Wal-Mart
“Even when I was working,” the former Wal-Mart employee says, “I couldn’t afford to pay for my apartment. When my son got hurt and couldn’t work any more, I was evicted. There were three homeless workers at my Wal-Mart.”
Full story - May 31, 2016
 A detail from Stanisław Wyspiański’s “Macierzynstwo” (1905).
Why is there still a debate about it? We’re talking about who gets to have a life away from the home.
Full story - May 26, 2016
Victorian-era, middle-class black women who loved to read and write didn’t have many role models.
While looking through old British newspapers, I was astonished to read an 1893 announcement in The Daily Telegraph proclaiming Sarah E. Farro to be “the first negro novelist” with the publication of her novel “True Love.” I wondered: who was this woman? The Daily Telegraph didn’t get it exactly right: We know now that Farro wasn’t the first African-American novelist. But after doing more research, I soon realized that Farro had made her mark writing about white people — and that this may also be the reason her work was forgotten.
Full story - May 24, 2016
bees 1
Beekeepers expect some of their bees to die off from season to season. But in recent years, losses have been more than twice as high.
Full story - May 17, 2016
Ride for Liberty
Historians have known about and written about runaway advertisements before, of course, but they’ve never all been gathered in one easily accessible place.
Full story - May 05, 2016
black panther comic
Discussions of racism in superhero comics is a long – albeit often troubled – tradition.
Full story - April 26, 2016
Heroin essay 1
Can more balanced representations of drug users spark discussions on how to solve North America’s heroin epidemic?
Full story - April 08, 2016
Posters advertise the dramatization of Sinclair Lewis' "It Can’t Happen Here."
Sinclair Lewis' 1935 novel "It Can't Happen Here," which described the rise of an American dictator, was turned into a play seen by over 500,000 people.