Full story - September 05, 2018
The fact is for a long time the Catholic Church struggled with its interpretation of Scriptures on priestly celibacy. It wasn’t until the 12th century that priestly celibacy became mandatory.
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president donald trump blinking
It’s almost certain deepfakes will appear during the campaign season, purporting to depict candidates saying things or going places the real candidate wouldn’t.
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This is simply the most recent chapter of a centurylong debate over the place of informality and immodesty in our dress: how short can that skirt be? Should the first lady be able to don a tank top? What about wearing sneakers to prom?
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small bags of synthetic marijuana
Many parts of the country have seen episodic crises due to synthetic marijuana. What happens when someone uses these designer drugs?
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The treatment tanks at the SRE salt water disposal well.
Energy companies frequently inject wastewater deep underground to avoid polluting drinking water sources. This process is responsible for a surge of earthquakes in Oklahoma and other regions.
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ex president barack obama gives a eulogy at john mccain's funeral
The truth is that the interpretation of others’ legacies often reveals a great deal about us and our values. And is often less about the complexity of the lives of those with whom we engage.
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a man stands in front of a wall full of wheels of cheese
Humans have consumed dairy for thousands of years. Now we're learning more about the importance of dairy to the development of the human diet in Europe.
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toy dinosaurs on a yellow background
Estimates suggest 99.99 percent of all species that have ever lived are now extinct. All species that exist today — including human beings — will invariably go extinct at some point.
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a screenshot of the BBC's pidgin language site
Today, variations of pidgins are used in all spheres of life ranging from political campaigns, television and radio broadcast.
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A orca lands on the beach to catch a baby sea lion
Among scientists, however, there remains a prejudice against the idea that animals feel “real” grief or respond in complex ways to death. Following reports of the “grieving,” zoologist Jules Howard, for example, wrote, “If you believe J35 was displaying evidence of mourning or grief, you are making a case that rests on faith, not on scientific endeavor.”