Full story - December 23, 2020
A woman with a dog passes by graffiti depicting the Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and US President Donald Trump vandalized with paint in a suburb of Belgrade, Serbia, Nov. 3, 2020.
Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump has exposed the fragility of democratic institutions, mirroring a global trend in authoritarianism. That will have a lasting effect on the US.
Full story - December 17, 2020
A group of young intellectuals and artists demonstrates at the doors of the Ministry of Culture during a protest in Havana on Nov. 27.
Discussions with the government ended with accusations that artists were 'paid by North American agencies' – an age-old way to discredit dissent. But these protests are homegrown.
Full story - December 11, 2020
Blinken speaks at a podium with Biden standing behind him.
Four years of 'America First' has seen the US retreat from the world. But as a scholar of international relations explains, Biden could return Washington to the role of moral global leader.
Full story - December 07, 2020
A green trash bin on a sidewalk in Denmark.
The word, which roughly translates to "considering the needs of society above one's own," has become a buzzword in Denmark.
Full story - December 03, 2020
Dutch white people in blackface and colorful costumes
Annual Dec. 5 tradition sees performers don blackface and afro wigs. But a growing number of Dutch citizens — and Rev. Jesse Jackson — believe it's time to wave goodbye to the custom.
Full story - November 28, 2020
The Pestsäule monument in Vienna.
Although memorials to past pandemics are not as prolific as war memorials, they do exist. A scholar of visual culture provides a brief history of such monuments around the world.
Full story - November 27, 2020
The hompage of Parler displayed on a laptop. The slogan on the screen reads, "Read news, speak free."
Millions of outgoing US President Donald Trump's supporters have flocked to the far-right social media platform where hate speech thrives.
Full story - November 25, 2020
Family gathered for an outdoor meal
Talking with people who hold different political views doesn't have to be an exercise in futile rage. Here are some tips to help you diplomatically and fruitfully discuss controversial topics.
Full story - November 25, 2020
Joe Biden sitting next to John Kerry at an event in 2015
Choosing former Secretary of State John Kerry as climate envoy is the first step. To regain trust, the US will also have to take concrete actions to cut its own greenhouse gas emissions.
Full story - November 23, 2020
A busy train station in Taiwan.
As Thanksgiving nears and fear grows in the US, people in China are traveling and enjoying time with family. While some in the US credit China's authoritarian regime, there's more to the story.