Full story - December 17, 2019
Trump-Xi phase one trade deal
Is the US-China "phase one" trade deal the end of the trade war? Don't count on it.
Full story - November 29, 2019
A person carves a turkey
Are there Thanksgiving leftovers in your fridge? You don’t have to get stuck in a cycle of nuke and repeat. Take inspiration from the French, who saw leftovers as an outlet for creativity.
Full story - November 25, 2019
A woman sits on a bench in jail.
Jill McCorkel, a professor of sociology and criminology at Villanova University, details the costs and challenges of low-income families visiting relatives in prison.
Full story - November 20, 2019
A man with a mask walks in a flooded street during a period of seasonal high water
Venice is a place with a long tradition of convincing outsiders of its uniqueness. This tradition may continue to shape the way the world sees the city today — and could be what ends up helping the city survive.
Full story - November 19, 2019
Protesters in Hong Kong wearing gas masks.
Paul Monod, a professor of history at Middlebury, examines the revolution in Hong Kong and compares it to past revolutions in China and in Hungary.
Full story - November 18, 2019
The French, European Union, and British Flags.
Many US ambassadors are untrained in diplomacy who have bought their way into a prestigious post, writes Dennis Jett, professor of international affairs at Pennsylvania State University.
Full story - November 14, 2019
A protester with a bandana covering their face and wearing a helmet, cocks an arm back to throw a smoking canister of tear gas back at police.
Protests are breaking out worldwide — and they share some basic characteristics. Fed up with rising inequality, corruption and slow economic growth, angry citizens worldwide are demanding an end to corruption and the restoration of a democratic rule of law.
Full story - November 13, 2019
A map of Ukraine is projected onto a screen; a man in a uniform wearing a hat is silhouetted against it.
As the first public hearings in the impeachment inquiry begin, what do the Ukrainian people think of the impeachment controversy?
Full story - November 12, 2019
Penguins stand on ice in Antarctica.
Emperor Penguins are facing extinction if the rapidly melting Antarctic ice is not preserved. Stephanie Jenouvrier, an Associate Scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, explains what needs to be done to save the vulnerable species.
Full story - November 11, 2019
Smoke billows during a fire in an area of the Amazon rainforest near Porto Velho, Rondonia State, Brazil, Sept. 10, 2019. Picture taken Sept. 10, 2019. 
Christian movements like evangelicalism and Pentecostalism aren’t often associated with environmental protection. But Brazil’s former environment minister, Marina Silva, a member of the Pentecostal Assembly of God, has voiced horror at the recent fires consuming the Amazon.