Full story - August 16, 2018
an "I voted" sticker
Losing the right to vote is among numerous consequences of being convicted of a crime. This so-called “civil death” suggests that person is considered dead to society.
Full story - August 15, 2018
a woman driver in saudi arabia
At this juncture, reforms in women’s rights demonstrate that the kingdom is en route to modernizing. However, some of the actions of Saudi authorities — such as the arrest of prominent women's rights activists — are seemingly at odds with the image the reforms want to project.
Full story - August 13, 2018
the taj mahal
Pollution is eating away at one of the world's most iconically beautiful buildings. Will it ever recover its previous luster?
Full story - August 10, 2018
resuable bags at a grocery store
A kind of research called “life cycle assessment” can help us work out the impact of common types of reusable bags.
Full story - August 08, 2018
conspiracy theorist alex jones
The conspiracy theorists in our media world represent fissures in our dominant ideology of success. When the American Dream isn’t working out well, scapegoats must be found.
Full story - August 07, 2018
a firetruck next to a forest fire in california
Many stewards have come together to create a perfect storm. They include climate change, past forest and fire management practices, housing development, increased focus on community protection and the professionalization of wildfire management.
Full story - August 07, 2018
On Aug. 8, Argentina’s Senate will vote on a bill to legalize abortion.
Full story - August 07, 2018
armed  government paramilitary man in the streets of Nicaragua
Soon enough, it is likely that many more Nicaraguans will join other Central Americans on their long northward trek, seeking refuge over the US border from unrelenting violence in their home.
Full story - August 06, 2018
the lush Antarctic seafloor
Hidden under the cover of sea-ice for most of the year, and living in cold water near the seafloor, are thousands of unique species. Research has generated new techniques to map where these species live, and predict how this might change in the future.
Full story - August 03, 2018
The arrival of the Weinstein clause signals how important #MeToo has become — not just as a social movement but as a business risk.