Full story - December 18, 2018
a man climbs a pile of garbage
“It’s really concerning that so little plastic has ever been recycled and, as a result, so much plastic waste has leached out into the world’s environment. It’s a great, growing and genuinely world problem,” said RSS president, Sir David Spiegelhalter.
Full story - December 18, 2018
Mother with her son, holding a US flag, waits in line for food.
Refugees and asylum-seekers from poor countries to the US border are often attributed, incorrectly, to domestic unrest in a far-off nation. But migration is largely the result of global phenomena like colonialism, climate change and trade.
Full story - December 17, 2018
A priest stands over a pale white body on a bed surrounded by demon heads.
The battle against demons has been an important way that Christians have understood their faith and the world.
Full story - December 14, 2018
A sea of red flags wave as Yemeni Houthi protest.
The Houthi movement focuses on defending and reviving Zaydi religion and culture, an ancient branch of the Shiite Muslim tradition.
Full story - December 13, 2018
Jimmy Carter sitting down with several women standing behind him
Over nine decades, efforts to amend the US Constitution to recognize women’s rights have faced major challenges. Congress finally passed the Equal Rights Amendment in 1972. The amendment would recognize women’s equal rights to men under the law. But it still hasn't been ratified in all 50 states.
Full story - December 12, 2018
an illustration of a dinosaur
Five important moments in paleontology you may have missed during 2018, and what they mean — particularly for Africa and its place in the story of human origins.
Full story - December 11, 2018
Several women sit outside a polling center against a wall wearing colorful textiles with a policewoman standing guard in front of them.
Until a few years ago, Cameroon was a nation on the move. But a peaceful protest three years ago against the marginalization of Anglophone Cameroon quickly turned violent, leading for many to call for the formation of a separate republic — and the conflict has taken its toll.
Full story - December 10, 2018
Detainees wearing orange jumpsuits crouch down within a barbed wire protected area.
The infamous naval base at Guantanamo Bay is quietly commemorating its 115th anniversary in the shadows of alleged torture that was "contrary" to American values, according to former President Barack Obama.
Full story - December 10, 2018
The Place de la République in Paris is shown in the background with thousands encircling a monument in the middle of the square.
A populist movement that threatened to topple a French government more than 60 years ago has important lessons for today’s protests and why they represent a reckoning.
Full story - December 06, 2018
Three Syrian medical staff wear gas masks in a chemical weapons attack training.
In April 2018, the US, UK and France fired 103 missiles at three Syrian chemical weapons production and storage facilities to halt Syria’s continuing use of deadly weapons. For a while, it did the trick. The legal rationale? Humanitarian intervention.