Full story - April 12, 2019
audience at a comedy show in venezuela
The rise of black comedy to explain Venezuela's chaos recalls an old saying in the crisis-stricken South American country: 'Laugh so you don't cry.'
Full story - April 11, 2019
Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir
Sudanese protesters against al-Bashir's regime have scored an important victory. But there's a long way to go before democracy is restored.
Full story - April 10, 2019
don't wait, vaccinate signs
Precedents exist for making people have certain vaccines. Perhaps it's time to extend this.
Full story - April 09, 2019
A woman works out with apartment buildings behind her
Not only are single women emerging as a growing and critical aspect of the economy in cities around the world, they are also driving increasingly unaffordable real estate markets. But women at the other end of the income spectrum, particularly single mothers, bear the brunt of gentrification.
Full story - April 08, 2019
A man and a woman fill out forms with Mexican passports in the frame
Twice in the last half-century the US has tried to use the border to force Mexico to bend to America’s will. The ruse failed both times. The history suggests that threats of border closure may be politically useful, but are never a real answer to human tragedy.
Full story - April 05, 2019
Vladimir Putin sits at a desk with the Russian flag behind him.
Around the world, questions have been asked over the legitimacy of many world leaders' claims of academic achievements. The list includes Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who have both been suspected of plagiarizing their doctorates.
Full story - April 04, 2019
A red car and a large salt truck drive on a snowy road next to a mountain.
Spring has long been filled with bumps and potholes in roads, many of which are caused by the salt that makes driving safe all winter. New research has shown how this annual problem could become a thing of the past with bacteria, which are being used in the fight to maintain our roads and save our streets from costly damage.
Full story - April 03, 2019
Seven men in different military uniforms walk next to military vehicles.
What's a protester's best tool? It might just be Twitter. New research suggests that social media sites like Twitter may be one of the game changing factors in protesters winning support from abroad and creating US policy change.
Full story - April 02, 2019
Protesters wa;l through the streets of a city carrying Russian flags and large signs written in Russian.
New research shows how recent laws have slowly eroded the role of nongovernmental agencies all over the world . Experts have said that these actions threaten democracy in countries where institutions have already become weak. See where and how laws like these have had their biggest impact.
Full story - April 01, 2019
sign on store for atheism
It might appear to many that atheism is a modern idea. However, in parts of Asia, particularly in India, atheism has been part of beliefs for thousands of years.