Full story - December 05, 2018
Participants take part in the plenary session during COP24 UN Climate Change Conference 2018 in Poland, Dec. 4, 2018.
Thirty percent of global emissions will be generated from democracies governed by populist nationalist leaders who have very different playbooks than more traditional politicians.
Full story - December 03, 2018
George H. W. Bush is shown with his hand on the bible nad right hand raised being sworn in as director of CIA.
The first President Bush had some impressive foreign policies wins, but could he be best remembered for getting the US entangled in Iraq?
Full story - November 30, 2018
A nurse is shown taking blood for a HIV test from French President Emmanuel Macron who is sitting in a yellow chair cringing.
World AIDS Day is Dec. 1. With many advances in preventing and treating the disease, the disease has fallen from top of mind for many. An epidemiologist explains why that could be dangerous.
Full story - November 27, 2018
A GM worker in Canada holds a sign in red letters.
A plant closing is about much more than lost paychecks —it shatters people’s sense of belonging and identity. Nearly 3,000 autoworkers will be out of work in Oshawa after GM announced its plans to leave after more than a century of production.
Full story - November 26, 2018
Satellites on the roof of a red brick school in Oaxaca state surrounded by green trees.
With its digital inclusion strategy, Mexico hopes to nudge social mobility upward. Internet access and poverty reduction are strongly connected, but language still remains a barrier.
Full story - November 23, 2018
Shoppers wait in long lines in front of a storefront window that reads "Black Friday" in black and white letters.
Have you ever felt as if another driver stole your parking spot? Understanding "psychological ownership" may help us get through another Black Friday without throwing punches or getting caught up in a stampede.
Full story - November 22, 2018
Colorful red and purple maize ears.
Wampanoag leader Massasoit Ousamequin sat with “some ninety men" at the first Thanksgiving table in 1621, likely eating goose, duck and venison rather than turkey. A savory seasonal sobaheg stew, yes. Mashed potatoes — nowhere to be seen. Corn, a cornucopia.
Full story - November 21, 2018
A Cuba flag and a Pride rainbow flag in a cup with nearby sign "Never Give Up."
The contemporary conflation of LGBT rights with broader democratic progress allows LGBT-friendly states to claim a place at the top table of international politics. But this may obscure other, less progressive and democratic activities.
Full story - November 21, 2018
An Ivory Coast man reads a newspaper.
Disinformation on the continent includes extreme speech inciting violence or spreads racist, misogynous, xenophobic messages on mobile apps. One study shows African audiences have low levels of trust in the media and experience a high degree of misinformation in daily life.
Full story - November 20, 2018
A woman protestor holds a sign that says protect our women and girls
By coming forward to testify in open court — despite death threats and attempts to silence her — Cheryl Zondi was not just another faceless victim of sexual violence.