Full story - February 22, 2019
Plastic pollution — or more accurately, the response of governments and industry to addressing plastic pollution — provides a “convenient truth” that distracts from addressing the real environmental threats such as climate change.
Full story - February 22, 2019
a painting of Sarah Churchillon a light blue background
How does the portrayal of these women stack up against the historical reality? Might the fancy frocks, extravagant palaces and sexual triangles distract viewers from their true historical significance?
Full story - February 21, 2019
A woman's pregnant silhouette
Darker-skinned children wait longer to be adopted and it costs more to adopt a white baby.
Full story - February 20, 2019
Man stands at entrance to internet cafe.
The justifications for such shutdowns are usually relatively predictable. Governments often claim that internet access is blocked in the interest of public security and order. The irony, however, is that shutdowns actually deepen dissent.
Full story - February 19, 2019
Man in red robe surrounded by men on both sides in yellow robes.
Competition for dominance between the churches of Constantinople and Moscow in the Orthodox Christian world is not new — it goes back more than 500 years. But the birth of the new Orthodox Church in Ukraine opens a new chapter in this history.
Full story - February 15, 2019
A white man splays his arms in front of a podium with the US presidential seal
Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi warned US President Donald Trump against declaring a national emergency, saying that it set a precedent for future Democratic presidents to use that power. But will the courts step in? What is Congress’s role in this situation?
Full story - February 14, 2019
three women take a selfie with a rainbow umbrella covering them from the rain
Reformists have made some progress towards easing economic hardship, loosening social control, and initiating a temporary easing of tensions with the outside community. But the parlous nature of the political structure empowers the theocrats to manipulate the system and stymie any reform effort that promises a path to democratization.
Full story - February 13, 2019
Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump walk side by side with their backs to the camera during their first summit.
Donald Trump says North Korea is no longer a "Nuclear Threat" but US intelligence agencies said in January that the country has kept its arsenal. The next summit is in two weeks. What can Trump do differently this time?
Full story - February 11, 2019
a yellow scorpion
São Paulo residents are urbanites. We have conquered nature — or so we thought. It turns out, people across the city and São Paulo state are dealing with a venomous scorpion infestation.
Full story - February 08, 2019
Cutouts depicting images of oil operations
Venezuela is a textbook case of the "resource curse," with nearly 90 percent of its population living in poverty in the country with the world’s largest oil reserves. After decades of leaders who failed to harness this commodity for peace and prosperity, it is questionable whether a new government can do a better job.