Full story - January 31, 2019
An artist rendering of European soldiers disembarking from ships being greeted by two Indigenous men
The “Great Dying” of Indigenous populations in the Americas after the arrival of Europeans is the largest human mortality event in proportion to the global population, putting it second in absolute terms only to World War II. The devastation of the population also caused a drop in atmospheric CO₂. During this period, severe winters and cold summers caused famines and rebellions from Europe to Japan.
Full story - January 28, 2019
Members of parliament from a top-down view with a podium in the center
Over the past two decades democracy has blossomed in Africa. But there is still a deep-rooted feeling among Western academics, policymakers and journalists that African democracies are not yet “the finished product.”
Full story - January 23, 2019
A king in a red robe kneels on one knee as a bishop places a crown on his head
Fans of the box-office hit might not realize that they don’t need to look to the make-believe world of the Black Panther to find a modern-day black kingdom that aspired to be a safe haven from racism and inequality.
Full story - January 22, 2019
an underwater shot of a seal looking at golf balls
While snorkeling in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary near the town of Carmel-by-the-Sea, Alex Weber and her friend Jack Johnston had repeatedly come across large numbers of golf balls on the ocean floor.
Full story - January 17, 2019
A huge banner of Bashar al-Assad.
Syrian refugees will never go back home if their towns can’t offer the basic services they enjoyed before the war. A lack of basic civil services leaves a perfect vacuum for extremist groups like ISIS to exploit by taking control of essentially ungoverned territory.
Full story - January 17, 2019
Vicente Zambada Niebla takes the witness box, at the trial of accused Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, right, in this courtroom sketch
The trial of Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera's is a telenovela-style explainer on why a wall is unlikely to stop the lucrative US-Mexico drug trade.
Full story - January 16, 2019
several hundred members of parliament in a room
The decades-long relationship between the UK and the US, based on common values and similar views on global issues, has been weakened by President Donald Trump and will deteriorate further without a post-Brexit plan.
Full story - January 11, 2019
Orban points his finger with red and white flags behind him.
In the last nine years, Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has created a repressive and increasingly authoritarian state, operating under a pretense of democracy. In recent weeks the political situation has become volatile.
Full story - January 08, 2019
A young, light-skinned woman wearing a blue uniform sits next to two white men and smiles at family members in a court room.
Cyntoia Brown will be released from prison in August — a surprising and welcome development in the case of a teenager who was convicted of killing a man when she was just 16 and forced into sex work.
Full story - January 08, 2019
President Nicolas Maduro attends a ceremony in a suit and sash
All credible polling in Venezuela says that most Venezuelans desperately want Maduro out. But that does not necessarily mean they are open to desperate measures.