Full story - July 18, 2019
salted ducks in china
Salt consumption in China is among the highest in the world.
Full story - July 15, 2019
a woman working in a factory in sri lanka
Rather than requiring companies to ensure a living wage for their global supply chain workforce, the Modern Slavery Act ends up punishing them.
Full story - July 11, 2019
a man in the ocean drinks straight whisky from the bottle
Recent deaths of tourists in the Dominican Republic have brought attention to the troubling, and sometimes deadly, issue of counterfeit alcohol in countries outside the US.
Full story - July 09, 2019
a migrant camp in the 1930s in the US
Trump has expanded and escalated the most punitive policies he inherited from his predecessors.
Full story - July 05, 2019
two Bolivian women square off in a wrestling ring
The more they fight, the more popular they become — and the more pushback they receive.
Full story - July 03, 2019
A flyer showing Lyra McKee at her funeral
Organizations try to hide mistakes and evade responsibility, studies show. But two scholars analyzing militant and terrorist groups say they are willing to acknowledge their mistakes — sometimes.
Full story - July 03, 2019
fireworks over NYC
Most of us look forward to the fireworks on the Fourth of July. But did you ever wonder how the chemists create those colors that light up the night sky? Are some colors harder to create than others?
Full story - July 05, 2019
donald trump and hillary clinton at a debate
An analysis of social media troll activity during the 2016 election campaign shows that exposure to Russian propaganda may have helped change American minds in favor of Republican candidate Trump.
Full story - July 02, 2019
A man wearing a T-shirt with an image of Zakir Rashid Bhat in India's Kashmir region
Bin Laden's extremist group had fewer than a hundred members in September 2001. Today it's a transnational terror organization with 40,000 fighters across the Middle East, Africa and beyond.
Full story - June 28, 2019
Protesters stand outside court with sign that reads "Every person counts"
Given the weak justification for the citizenship question, rubber-stamping it without further inquiry could well have been a stain on the Supreme Court's legitimacy.