Full story - June 10, 2021
President Putin sits across from President Biden.
When announcing financial penalties on Russia earlier this year, Biden hinted at the prospect of further sanctions. An energy scholar explains what Biden may have meant.
Full story - June 03, 2021
On the left, a photo of Alexander Lukashenko standing and talking with Vladimir Putin. On the right, a photo of Joe Biden at a podium.
Some tension was inevitable during the June 16 US-Russia summit. But Vladimir Putin's defiant support for Belarus's rogue regime now pits him harder against the West.
Full story - May 24, 2021
Woman in blue outfit holding up her arms
Afghan women and other minorities fear losing impact in negotiations as US troops begin to pull out of the country.
Full story - May 13, 2021
Several Muslims pray facing Mecca before a rough-stone niche in the wall
The Masjid Al-Aqsa of Jerusalem is linked in the Quran to the story of the night journey of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem and has deep religious meaning for Muslims across the world.
Full story - April 28, 2021
A tiger crosses a road in India’s Ranthambore National Park.
An infrastructure boom threatens endangered tigers across Asia. Scientists want to know more about how tigers behave near roads so they can design wildlife-friendly transportation networks.
Full story - April 26, 2021
A hand pours liquid into a tube in a medical lab
Technology that can identify stray bits of genetic material in the environment can help scientists monitor human and animal health.
Full story - April 15, 2021
TV and movies are one way we understand people and places we’ve never had direct contact with – and maybe never will.
An Italian media scholar raised on American TV assesses Netflix's ambitious strategy to create original productions in Italy, Japan, Brazil and beyond — and distribute them globally.
Full story - April 08, 2021
Large crowds of people surround river in India
Up to 100 million people are set to attend India's Kumbh Mela that occurs every 12 years, despite fears over a COVID-19 surge.
Full story - March 31, 2021
Pele standing and flashing a victory sign, surrounded by happy French people, in Paris
Although Brazil is formally a democracy, the practice of torture is ongoing, especially for Black Brazilians. Soccer creates an illusion of fairness is which is increasingly hard to sustain.
Full story - March 26, 2021
A man holds a flag and sticks his arm out of a car window, smiling and celebrating.
Western leaders learned the hard way 25 years ago that conflict in the Balkans can become ethnic cleansing. Add Russia into the mix, and Montenegro's new problems are US and European problems, too.