Full story - May 21, 2019
morse code
Morse code works whether flashing a spotlight or blinking your eyes — or even tapping on a smartphone touchscreen.
Full story - May 17, 2019
Outside Holnicote House children’s home in the UK
This sorry tale of institutional racism represents a scandal to rival the treatment of the Windrush generation.
Full story - May 15, 2019
doner kebabs for all
While thought of as an unpretentious fast-food dish, the doner kebab is a symbol of the social, political and identity issues facing European society today.
Full story - May 15, 2019
ruins in syria
According to a new study, a small portion of a site can yield thousands of objects, adding up to millions of dollars.
Full story - May 14, 2019
trump and abe
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe needs the US to confront North Korea, revitalize Japan's economy and boost his standing at home. And he knows flattery is the way to this president's heart.
Full story - May 13, 2019
chernobyl in ukraine
The initial impact of the catastrophe on nature was important, but the exclusion zone has now become a natural reserve.
Full story - May 09, 2019
A man in a military uniform stands in front of microphones
The Trump administration has declared Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to be ‘terrorists,' making them the first government agency with that designation.
Full story - May 08, 2019
a tv screen shows the path of a missile fired from north korea
North Korea is a major military threat to the US and its Asian allies, but exactly how powerful are its nuclear weapons? An earth scientist explains why it's hard to answer this question.
Full story - May 06, 2019
a confederate party in brazil
The Confederate flag debate has arrived to Brazil, pitting black activists against the Brazilian descendants of soldiers who fled the South after the Civil War to a country that still had slavery.
Full story - May 06, 2019
traffic jam in chicago
Only a small share of the vehicles Americans buy are electric. Even if all of them were, it would take until 2040 to phase out the fossil fuels used to power personal travel and road-bound freight.