Full story - October 12, 2016
Man and the sunrise
Depression shouldn't be stigmatized — it should be spoken about openly and with respect.
Full episode - October 12, 2016
Andrew Solomon shares his wisdom on the perils—and the importance—of coming out about depression. He also tells us how to be supportive when a loved one discloses their struggle.
Full story - September 27, 2016
A Muslim woman cries near the coffin of her relative
How we deal with death in the age of social media prevents vexing problems for people dealing with loss.
Full episode - September 28, 2016
Laurie Kilmartin
To tweet or not to tweet when you’re sick, even dying; Steven calls on the wisdom of cancer bloggers who found real-life support systems online.
Full story - September 19, 2016
Ji-Ho Park on the Duke University campus
As more people become comfortable with outing themselves as pan-sexual or genderqueer, the way we refer to them is changing.
Full story - September 15, 2016
An HB2 headline in the Raleigh News and Observer.
The Civilist host Steven Petrow is an expert on etiquette — and he can't find anything in etiquette rules that supports HB2.
Full story - September 13, 2016
US and LGBT pride flag
The Civilist is the newest podcast from PRI. Over the coming weeks, host Steven Petrow will look at how we can bring civility to discussions about politics, LGBT rights and more.
Full episode - September 14, 2016
Steven digs into anti-trans Bathroom Laws; how to be a good neighbor on a plane.
Full episode - September 13, 2016
The case for Political Correctness: Steven and Mx. Justin Vivian Bond talk about the power of words.