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The Civilist with Steven Petrow January 13, 2017

In this all-advice episode, Steven digs through listener questions and offers advice on tipping, wedding RSVPs, and when it's okay to check "widowed" on a medical form.

House of Blues

The Civilist with Steven Petrow December 19, 2016

The holidays can be especially tough for people dealing with depression. We'll hear Part Two from Steven's interview with author and psychologist Andrew Solomon about depression. Part One aired in the episode called, "Say This, Not That."

Digital Empathy

The Civilist with Steven Petrow November 09, 2016

MIT sociologist Sherry Turkle says smartphones are killing real life conversation. More undergrad guest experts offer advice about navigating campus life civilly.

Say This, Not That

The Civilist with Steven Petrow October 12, 2016

Andrew Solomon shares his wisdom on the perils—and the importance—of coming out about depression. He also tells us how to be supportive when a loved one discloses their struggle.

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