Full story - February 02, 2017
Jon Tester
Democrat Jon Tester will introduce a bill requiring e-filing of campaign finance reports.
Full story - January 31, 2017
No, it’s not the president himself or his core supporters.
Full story - January 10, 2017
At least three-dozen municipal governments and law enforcement agencies say presidential campaigns have ignored hundreds of thousands of dollars in outstanding bills stemming from police security for campaign events — from Vallejo, California, to the University of Pittsburgh. That’s according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of federal campaign disclosures and municipal invoices, as well as interviews with more than 60 local government officials.
Full story - December 15, 2016
President Trump meets with tech leaders
The Federal Election Commission could help Donald Trump "drain the swamp" — but the agency charged with regulating US elections has been all but marginalized.
Full story - November 10, 2016
Obama meets with Trump at the White House in Washington
​Forget about global climate change controls; count on a larger Army, even more nuclear weapons and more missile defenses
Full story - October 18, 2016
An Afghan security force member
The US has spent 15 years trying to rebuild Afghanistan after it invaded in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. But despite billions of dollars, corruption has gotten in the way.
Full story - September 15, 2016
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
A head-to-head comparison on health, taxes, campaign cash, press access shows that neither candidate gets high marks for transparency.
Full story - July 29, 2016
Fund-raising at the DNC
Despite populist rhetoric, convention in Philly showcased how politicos, special interests schmooze.
Full story - July 16, 2016
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump applauds Saturday after introducing Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate.
Even though Hillary Clinton has had more ads in Ohio than anywhere but Florida since the primaries ended, an average of recent polls give Clinton less than a 2-point lead in the state hosting this week's Republican National Convention.
Full story - July 14, 2016
South Sudan
Hundreds dead, thousands displaced in the past week, famine in the wings: Why is its government spending so much on high-powered US lobbyists?