Full story - May 14, 2019
Workers in a dark building sort trash from a conveyor belt.
Single-use plastic is clogging oceans and landfills. The industry that makes it has waged a decades-long campaign to keep it on the market.
Full story - April 22, 2019
red tulips in front of the white house
Levels of campaign fundraising transparency vary greatly from candidate to candidate.
Full story - April 16, 2019
the irs building
Reagan called Earned Income Tax Credit part of "best anti-poverty bill" ever but it was never considered in the recent tax debate
Full story - February 19, 2019
A closeup photo of a blonde woman wearing a blue shirt beside her husband, whose face has been blurred for privacy.
Under a 1996 law, US citizens who try to sponsor their undocumented spouses would require the spouses to endure a minimum 10-year exile from the United States. With kids in tow, US citizens are visiting Congress to plead for help.
Full story - February 18, 2019
Woman stands in red dress next to politician.
"Scams" is how the president once described such groups.
Full story - February 18, 2019
Person holds red MAGA hat in his hand.
Analysis: President Trump's re-election committee, supportive groups have already obliterated fundraising norms.
Full story - February 06, 2019
Donald Trump stands with his hands raised at the front of the House of Representatives. Behind him, Nancy Pelosi looks on.
Migrants have long assumed costs, risks of border crossing — but Trump’s finger pointing now adds to the burden.
Full story - December 27, 2018
A gold coin with the letter B stamped amidst green and red wires.
The Center for Public Integrity’s reporters crunched a lot of numbers during 2018 — a year that distinguished itself for record election spending and extreme political turbulence.
Full story - December 19, 2018
Two men extend their hands for a handshake
Ukrainian steel magnate Victor Pinchuk’s foundation had previously paid John Bolton six figures for speaking engagements.
Full story - December 12, 2018
A line of people sit on a panel in front of a large crowd. Behind them, the backdrop says "Russia calling!"
New documents show gala invites, a charismatic CEO and high-powered lobbyists burnished the image of VTB, a state-owned Russian bank.