Full episode - November 28, 2015
To mark Thanksgiving in the US, we go wild mushroom hunting on Cape Cod; learn about an 18th century drink making a 21st century comeback; and hear why the next big thing in protein may make you squirm. Plus: an American home baker goes in search of the perfect French baguette. We meet the pastrami taco king of New York. And we find out how to balance sugar and spice in a Sri Lankan love cake. Image: Paul Sadowski of the New York Mycological Society helps fellow mushroom hunters identify their finds in the woods of Piermont, New York. (Credit: Alina Simone)
Full story - July 03, 2015
Three sisters form the band The Warning
One week, one theme: A gay men's chorus tried to join a Pride march in Istanbul. Halal BBQ explodes in Houston. Heavy-metal teen sisters move Metallica northward from Monterrey. These stories from PRI's The World show a world on the move.
Full story - May 16, 2015
Ai Weiwei’s project, titled “Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads" being installed in Jackson, Wyoming.
We've put together six stories about identity for your weekend: Choose from the Chinese activist Ai Weiwei and his Zodiac Heads exhibit, a young Afghan musician who fought an arranged marriage on the mic and the world of artisanal perfume.