Who's to judge?

October 25, 2019

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About 4,000 Liberians could be at risk of deportation after the Trump administration terminated their legal status. Earlier this month, they finally got their day in federal court in Massachusetts. They’re still waiting for a ruling, but in the meantime, many of these Liberian families are stuck in limbo. They’re hanging between the prospect of life going on as usual and a new reality in which they would be forced to return to Liberia. Also, we hear from an unauthorized immigrant who is suing the Trump administration for the right to stay in the US; Facebook is looking to set up a supreme court like system to moderate content; French chef Marc Veyrat is taking Michelin to court after losing a coveted star; and there’s a new kind of trainer that supposedly makes you faster, but some competitive runners think it offers an unfair advantage. (A group of Liberian DED holders and their allies protest in Worcester, Massachusetts prior to a court hearing. Credit: Tania Karas/The World)