Time To Act

March 22, 2019

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Patricia Okoumou does not shy away from action. Last year, on the Fourth of July, Ms Okoumou climbed up the Statue of Liberty to protest against the detention of children arriving at the US-Mexico border. Now she’s facing the legal consequences, yet she remains undeterred from her risky style of activism. Also, immigrant activists draw attention to the stories of immigrants facing deportation by turning themselves in to be detained themselves; we’ll also hear from Claudio Rojas, an unauthorized immigrant whose deportation date is just days away; next, school children here in Boston have joined a global movement; they’re skipping classes on Fridays to demand that adults take action on climate change; and the harrowing story of how former US Marine Ken Kraus saved more than 20 lives 40 years ago, as Iran was on the brink of revolution. (Patricia Okoumou, climbed the Statue of Liberty in protest of the Trump administration's immigration policy. This week, she appeared in court after her arrest in Austin, Texas where she climbed on a building which houses immigrant children separated from their parents. Credit: Gabriele Holtermann/Getty Images)