Full story - July 12, 2021
England's Jadon Sancho is shown on the soccer pitch holding his hands to his face.
British police opened investigations Monday into the racist abuse of three Black players who missed penalties in England's shootout loss to Italy in the European Championship final.
Full story - July 08, 2021
A policeman is shown wearing military fatigues, dark sunglasses and holding a Kalashnikov rifle.
US President Joe Biden will deliver remarks Thursday about the future of Afghanistan. The formal address comes after American troops pulled out Bagram Air Base last week, effectively ending US military operations after two decades of war. Watch the address streaming live here on Thursday, July 8 at 1:45 p.m. EST.
Full story - July 07, 2021
Haiti's President Jovenel Moise speaks during an interview at his home in Petion-Ville, a suburb of Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Gunmen assassinated Haiti's president in an overnight raid, also wounding his wife.
Full story - July 02, 2021
A tall control tower is shown with large concrete barriers on the ground nearby with barbed wire on top.
After nearly 20 years, the US military left Bagram Air Base the epicenter of its war to oust the Taliban and hunt down the al-Qaida perpetrators of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America.
Full story - July 01, 2021
Russian President Vladimir Putin is shown wearing a blue suit and purple tie while pointing with his right hand.
US and British agencies disclosed on Thursday details of "brute force" methods they say have been used by Russian intelligence to try to break into the cloud services of hundreds of government agencies, energy companies and other organizations.
Full story - June 30, 2021
A man wearing a reflective orange vest is shown kneeling next to another man laying down on his back.
A hunger strike by hundreds of migrants living in Belgium without legal permission is putting increasing pressure on a government coalition weighing the wellbeing of those involved against the need to stick to immigration and asylum rules.
Full story - June 29, 2021
A large security wall is shown in the nearground with the US flag flying and a mountain range in the distance.
In just a matter of days, the last US soldiers will depart Bagram Airbase. They are leaving what probably everyone connected to the base, whether American or Afghan, considers a mixed legacy.
Full story - June 28, 2021
A young girl is shown leaning up against a stone column spraying a stream of water.
Officials are describing the historic heat wave hitting Canada and across the Pacific Northwest as intense and dangerous, pushing daytime temperatures into the triple digits breaking all-time high temperature records in places unaccustomed to such extreme heat.
Full story - June 25, 2021
Vice president Kamala Harris, in a blue suit, speaks to reporters
In her first trip to the US-Mexico border as vice president, Kamala Harris called for a comprehensive approach and taking into account the "root causes" of migration.
Full story - June 24, 2021
A line of people are shown waiting to purchase the last print edition of the Hong Kong newspaper, Apple Daily.
The final edition of Hong Kong's last remaining pro-democracy paper sold out in hours Thursday, as readers scooped up all 1 million copies of the Apple Daily.