Full story - September 21, 2021
Lava flows from an eruption of a volcano near El Paso on the island of La Palma in the Canaries, Spain, of Monday, Sept. 20, 2021. 
As curious residents and visitors flock to view the erupting volcano in La Palma, emergency workers, banana farmers and grape growers are less thrilled by one of nature's most astounding events unfolding so close to home.
Full story - September 20, 2021
Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks to Ella Pamfilova, head of Russian Central Election Commission during their meeting via video conference at the Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow, Russia
The elections excluded most opposition politicians and have been marred by multiple reports of violations.
Full story - September 17, 2021
The app Smart Voting is displayed on an iPhone screen in Moscow, Russia
Apple and Google have come under pressure in recent weeks, with Russian officials telling them to remove the Smart Voting app from their online stores.
Full story - September 15, 2021
Three people are shown from behind looking at a television that has a large missile with smoke and fire from its launch.
North and South Korea tested ballistic missiles hours apart Wednesday in a display of military might that is sure to exacerbate tensions between the rivals.
Full story - September 14, 2021
Several people are shown wearing face masks and walking on a college campus with a ornate brick tower in the distance.
US officials say they believe thousands of Chinese students and researchers participate in programs that encourage them to transfer medical, computer and other sensitive information to China.
Full story - September 13, 2021
A large number of tents and other shelters are show in the distance with a group of people herding animals in the nearground.
Climate change could push more than 200 million people to leave their homes in the next three decades and create migration hotspots unless urgent action is taken to reduce global emissions and bridge the development gap, a World Bank report has found.
Full story - September 10, 2021
A man is shown hugging a woman who is looking into the camera with empty stadium seats in the distance.
Since 9/11, Europe has witnessed many more extremists attacks on its soil than the United States. Why? A variety of reasons, analysts say.
Full story - September 09, 2021
A large auditorium is shown filled with people in color-coordinated clothing with Chinese President Xi Jinping projected on a large screen in the distance.
Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for the party to return to its "original mission" as China's economic, social and cultural leader and carry out the " rejuvenation of the great Chinese nation." To support its plans, Xi's government has launched anti-monopoly and data security crackdowns to tighten its control over internet giants that looked too big and potentially independent.
Full story - September 08, 2021
A bank machine is shown in a small building with blue lighting with two people sitting on a bench nearby.
El Salvador became the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender Tuesday, but the rollout stumbled in its first hours after the digital wallet used for transactions was not functioning.
Full story - September 07, 2021
Newly trained female officers from the Afghan National Army sit in front seats as a new batch of officers attend their graduation ceremony at National Army's training center in Kabul on Sept. 23, 2010. 
Photographers have been in Afghanistan every step of the way, documenting for the outside world the protracted conflict and occupation over the course of two decades.