Full story - August 21, 2017
Duterte drug war
A photo of the crime scene shows a bloodstained Aristotle Garcia lying in the street. He has a .38 caliber pistol in his right hand, a wad of cash in the other. Her brother wasn't right-handed, though, which means the gun is in the wrong hand.
Full episode - August 01, 2017
Manila slum
Filipino President Duterte’s war on drugs has killed over 7,000 people. But not only has the White House failed to condemn Duterte's tactics; President Trump has praised them. This hour: stories about the drug war, the history of US-Philippine relations, a Philippine city besieged by ISIS and Duterte’s overtures to China. And we’ll talk about how the US can manage this delicate situation moving forward.
Full story - July 13, 2017
soldier in mogadishu
The US is quietly ramping up its military presence in Somalia, sending in more special operations forces to complete more missions. But is it enough to fight al-Shabab?
Full story - July 10, 2017
A helicopter drops leaflets in Afghanistan
In the war against ISIS, the battlefield has no distinct boundaries. Insurgents often live among locals. The challenge is finding ways to separate the two — getting civilians to trust American forces instead of ISIS. One division of the military’s Special Operations Command is tasked with just that.
Full episode - July 04, 2017
Green Berets
"We don't crave the combat so much as we crave hard things to conquer," said one Green Beret.
Full episode - June 06, 2017
mexico town hall
Much of President Donald Trump’s populist support comes from people who are deeply worried about globalization and immigration. But Trump’s pro-border wall, anti-NAFTA stance has strained US- Mexico relations. Can the two nations find common ground and work past the rhetoric?
Full story - May 16, 2017
In the parched county of Pengyang, farmer Mi Zhangzhong says a local tree-planting campaign has helped bring more rain.
In a poor region of western China, hundreds of thousands of people are being relocated in the face of climate change.
Full story - May 08, 2017
As the permafrost melts in the arctic town of Iqaliut, people are dealing with problems they never saw coming. What are the Canadian and local governments doing to help?
Full story - May 08, 2017
us-mexico border
After a presidential campaign of strong rhetoric on issues of trade, immigration, and border security, the Trump administration is looking to move forward in its relationship with Mexico. But how much damage has been done and where can the two countries still find common ground?
Full episode - May 02, 2017
Coal miner in Jhaira, India
It’s been a year and a half since 195 countries signed a historic climate change agreement in Paris. Now, cleaner energy policies are being implemented across the globe. But the agreement alone won’t be enough to reach emissions goals.